Friday, May 14, 2021

Just Tinkering with Ideas

Have you ever looked at something and said to yourself....'I wonder what would happen if ?'I decided to see what would happen if I tried to emboss on a piece of small weave 100% cotton. See the end result first and all the trial and error below that. Just in case You wanted to try this. I have some ideas about why it didn't work initially.
I wanted to see if I could emboss on fabric. I chose some fabric that I had previously smashed flowers onto. They didn't turn out quite as clear as I wanted with the smashing. So I kept them for a background starter. 
I used a fine silver embossing powder. The fabric sucked it all up. Only one small part. actually showed up as emboss. The image wasn't clear. So I stamped over in black.
I stamped a half image again on another fabric scrap.  Then I added a strip of beaded crochet ribbon.
This is the latest trader, I emboss the backgrounds.  One for the front, one for the back. Then inked over the top. 
In hind sight, I may try this again after ironing in a heavy starch to seal the fabric before I try the emboss. And the squirrels are starting the wheel moving again, I will let you know how that turns out. 
This one is headed out in this envelope soon. NOTE TO SELF- Spray the envelope, then ink..... Too late for this one, but it is still kind of pretty.

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