Magical Fairy Coats

Thanks for popping by to see the magical fairy coats.
I purchased a pattern from the Uber Talented Katwise.
{I will be forever grateful that she so generously offers it for purchase!}
And the rest was just out there for the making.
This is a collage, certainly not everything I have made. The prices will stand firm for 2017 year. Contact me by email at I work out of Central Alberta, Canada, and can arrange meetings and pickups for this area. I will ship anywhere.  Buyer pays shipping costs.
Full length Burgundy and Green in real woman size X-large available
Pocket Detail

 This Full length Cream and Brown is still available
It is highly detailed and in a real woman XL-size

 All have a thumb hook. Pocket details on this one are highly detailed. Note the extra layers of trim on the lower edge.

Pocket Detail




 Every jacket is custom color picked, made and sized for the recipient. Although they may have a similar style and color choice. No two will ever be identical. If you have an article of clothing, that you want to up-cycle, or one that holds special memories. I can look at it and decide if we can include it in your jacket! They are made with up-cycle as well as new materials.
All up-cycle is washed with very hot water and dried in a hot dryer.
Blog post with more {beginnings to present}
Care of your Jacket:
For the most part, the jackets are mainly mixed knit fabric. So treating it as gently as you can will help it last longer. I have washed them with a gentle agitation, and they do hold up well. If your coat has a jewel, either remove it, or pin it into a fold so it will not be shattered during the washing process. You might want to pin in the ties and tail {hood} as well to stop them getting tangled and twisted out of shape.  If your jacket is stained, pre-treat and soak with Oxy-Clean type cleaner. DO NOT USE BLEACH! If your jacket stretches, you might want to dry it on a higher heat setting. If not, a medium heat works best, or a hang to dry.

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Joanne said...

Wow, you have been busy! They are all so beautiful and unique. I love the photos with your girls.