Friday, May 29, 2020

Spicks and Specks

Another week.....
3 Butterfly theme ATC's mailed out. The background is alcohol ink on glossy paper.
These are two JAMS turn a round's from starter backgrounds I mailed out a while ago.
Above and below my additions to the final round on these JAMS
The oriental ATC is final round, I added lanterns and Haiku
 Cherub final round I added the words and skirt
 Above long neck girl final round, hand drawn by Dina G, so talented. I put flowers in her hair and words.
Below I added the TH paper doll boy and Dina added the newspapers and sign, very clever hand drawn again!

 These are backgrounds I mailed out a  while ago. Not sure where they have gotten to? May have to investigate.
 The zebras articulate so next creator can decorate he background. This is round 1. I may do these again just to see different finishes. I also have a Giraffe stamp I'd like to try in the same design idea.
And the DD's dawg with a new toy, he is a good boy
Disclaimer, I, nor anyone else living here, has been cleaning house as evidence in the photo implies. 

Friday, May 22, 2020

Creative Scrapbooker Magazine

Thank you CSM for picking up this layout in the Summer 2020 issue, that just hit the stores!
This is a photo from off of my old I-phone. The quality wasn't fantastic. I printed it off in two sizes then imposed the smaller image over the bigger with a mat separation. The call was for a 'Song Layout'. Every time I looked at this photo, my heart freezes a little, and the Bob Dylan song lyrics- 'Go lightly from the ledge Babe, Go lightly on the Ground' played in my head.

This is our youngest  daughter sitting on the edge of Crescent Falls, Alberta, Canada. The two youngest made a trip to the mountains with me on my birthday. This was a very tumultuous time in our lives. So, I wrote about that in a very personal letter and secured it to the back of the layout in a sealed envelope. One day, she will read it and understand things from my point of view.
'It Ain't Me'

Friday, May 15, 2020


Then I had the brilliant idea to use the modeling paste on the emboss folders.....
#toomuchtimeonmyhands #NAILEDIT
So I chose a couple of likely candidates for a 3D item.
I believe these were both from Spellbinders, it is important to note these are NOT MOULDS, they are embossing folders. Meant for paper only
Shown above, the first one was a fairly malleable embossing folder. I applied the paste, let it dry over night, and presto! successful moulded piece.
But the very rigid embossing folder shown in the first photo, was a HARD FAIL. Do not do this to your embossing folders until you check to see if it will release once dry. Not everything I try works out. Buy and use the recommended materials to do a job. Lesson learned here! I was able to remove the bits with a toothbrush and some 'awesome' cleaner soak. It took over an hour to pry the bits of moulded material out of the folder, before I could use the cleaner. Got a blister on my thumb for my troubles.
In the world of trying things because I can...I am not alone!

Friday, May 8, 2020

JJ Traders Nature

More Junk Journal.This one is destin for swapping, so I had to keep it under wraps for quite a while before I could go live with it.
The hostess 'Gina' and I are doing a one for one swap outside of the regular swap. So we each have 2 different partners as well as each other. These are some of the things included in her JJ journal tip in.

Paint chip diecut detail
More smashed flowers assembled with folding center to insert into JJ

Old music sheets with diecut butterfly and stitched border detail

 Pocket and tag, wallpaper scrap for the pocket

 The pansy's are smashed flowers from last summer
Re worked calendar and magazine images below.
 Every book needs a magical character, so I snuck in a fairy ATC
Meanwhile, back in Alberta....

Friday, May 1, 2020

So, this week

I am not going to lie to you....
 I managed to fold 2 envelopes out of a 6 x 6 paper pack for my fairy Junk journal.....
That's right, a WHOLE WEEK....

Friday, April 17, 2020

Fairy Cover Junk Journal Ramblings

The whole purpose of a Junk Journal is to use up some of the stash. I just happen to have enough ephemera as well as new bits and bobs to Junk Journal myself into oblivion. My friend 'Gina' is hosting a large complex swap for our Paper Traders Art group. The following ruminations have been inspired by her very carefully laid out instructions, inspiration links, and ideas. Being very excited about these JJ creations, I decided to practice on one for myself. My theme is easy to guess.
This is the cover, it started out. An oversize envelope from the junk mail pile, with two windows. I carefully cut it open on 3 sides so I could work with it.
remember to think about where you want your windows and which finished side will be your opening. 
The large fairy tag pulls out of the cellophane envelope pocket.
Unfortunately I messed up the tiny cellophane window and had to carefully remove it and create over the top.
To do the tag pockets, I first measured and precut the outside cover papers.
 Then moved on to the inside of the envelope.
I wanted the tags to have a pocket so first up was to line the opening with decorative backing on both windows.
NOTE: I always run a strip of reinforcement down the center seam before I add the final decorative papers.

This is the inside fully decorated, both the bottom third of front and back cover are pockets. As well as a lined flip up corner for a bit of interest on the back cover.
Made a mini book with the tiny bits on a cut-out sheet.

Made a Mini Book with the tiny bits on a cut-out-sheet. Stamped over to add some interest.
Check back to see the insides of the 'Fairy JJ',
 A work in progress.


Friday, April 3, 2020

Fairy Template

Art Journal Page
I was fooling around with some scrap paper cutting out tiny fae folk. I couldn't resist cobbling the negative pieces together to make a loose template

I used washi tape to secure it to the art journal book. With scraps of newsprint to cover open areas
Then I misted them lightly
Took the ink loaded template reverse an gently rubbed it onto the facing page of the journal.
Added a few emboss fairies. Will journal and color the white spaces.