Friday, January 24, 2020

Who wants to Build a Snowman?

This is a 3 x 5 card created for the PT swap. Build a snowman with heart.

 Easiest way to build a snowman EVER!
The tree and the bottom layer are wrapping paper left over from Christmas wrap. Snowman stamped then fussy cut. Lightly water color painted with distress ink. Background spritz with glimmer mist.
Too soon?


Friday, January 17, 2020

Message on the Board

CSM January Sketch fun take II. Layout speaks for itself.
I used one sheet of black cardstock and the sheet of wood frames from this kaisercraft pack.
I cut them individually. Inked then fit them around the message board photos.
Meanwhile, back in Alberta. Our house Tuesday morning
If you don't like the weather in Alberta...
Wait a day


Friday, January 10, 2020

The Evidence is in The Bag

This week I had a little fun with  Creative Scrapbooker Magazine's FB Sketch for the month of January 2020
This layout is my interpretation of
I will be posting this to their FB page HERE
The LO is about my DH's Tea Bags...It reads:
My Husband is a tea
drinker Specifically 'Earl Grey'
 We have a lovely trivet.
 The question is Why
doesn't he use it for all the bags?
I have picked up 12 or more
 He just puts them on the counter

Friday, January 3, 2020

Major Arcana Swap Cards

It is a new year, none of us can say for sure what that holds for each of us. I had a little fun joining a 'Fortune Telling' Card swap. Who knows how the cards will land for us this year.
Here's hoping this will be the BEST YEAR YET!
Reading side of the Hierophant 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 ATC card.
'V' signifies '5' or Valiant.
Back of the cards finished. NOTE: I used the numbers on the clock to signify the # out of the 22 total created for each card.
The swap called for 22 cards that are the same. I did this sheet style by marking off with pencil and masking tape. The tape allowed the finished card to have a white border. I used a drafting tape. It did leave a residue, that I removed with an art glue eraser. I did them all assembly line style, cutting apart when both sides were finished. First stamping top and bottom with a timepiece stamp. I created my own template for the oval writing inset. Cut it pattern style from a scrap piece and transferred by tracing the blank onto each card.
 I continued to add the writing and some glue and sparkles to the bottom center semi-circle.
For the reading side, I first stamped the fortune tellers finger that shows the #5 top and bottom. The Hierophant is the #5 in the Major Arcana fortune telling set. Next the stamped and emboss the key was added. Then the Raven stamped and emboss over that. {I used Emerald Creek super heavy color sheen embossing powders} Then I added the stamped  triple crowns, title and hand writing overview of the cards meaning.
I had fun making this set. It was a fair amount of work, with drying times and all that embossing. I am well enough pleased with the results. I am looking forward to the full set returning to me.
Thank you Elisabeth for hosting this one.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Tree Tags

 Tree Tags for a swap. showing front and back
Background is a napkin, green trees are stamped with TH tree stamp spritzed with water. The other tree was made by tracing the tree outline onto a magazine tree then re cutting the shape. I was ripping through old Christmas magazines, to take out the things I may or may not do. I was always a sucker for gorgeous decorations and pretty trees.

When the kids were little, it wouldn't be Christmas without a craft and baking party at our house. The Nut Shell characters are probably 35 years old. They have held out pretty good.
I am downsizing the Christmas stash, if the sparse tree wasn't hint enough. So far I have dispersed the big traditional tree, home made tree skirt, garlands, lights. It is time for kids personal boxes of ornaments, gifted to them and carefully saved every year to be with them.
 There are still 3 full boxes of ornaments and decorative
Christmas things for them to go through and claim.
I love our reduced tree. The 'Nightmare Before Christmas' ornaments belong to the DD still at home. I made 2 sets for the two youngest last year. I think this is my all time favourite tree.
Did I mention baking? No big baking party this year, everyone has to work and work. That doesn't stop me. These are the newest try, Florentines.
They can use a  little tweaking, but I will tell you they are so tasty!
{I knew I saved those old Christmas magazines for a good reason}

I will see you in the new year

Friday, December 13, 2019


Time, to get down to the real Christmas preparations. No time for making things in my happy place. But that being said, as I wrap gifts, I think that I need some of those beautitiful paper bits to do something with.
 Make sure you nab those bits of paper scraps from wrapping paper, as above from crackers or below packaging from a fancy box side
 I ran them through a cutter just for fun. I love the way they turned out. It's true, I have an incurable paper hoarding sickness
Looks like Santa's been into the spiced eggnog!!

Friday, December 6, 2019

The Winter House

This is an up cycle project. Prompted when I was tidying up the happy place and came across a large paper pack that was just so pretty!
Started out as a pretty traditional colors and theme bird house.
 The first step was to make sure I had enough paper to cover the entire house. I made the template cuts to match the exact size of the house first.
 Then gesso/paint/prime all corners and hidden hard to reach places. I did this to make sure that all the previous red and green would be hidden. Let it dry overnight.
 All sides were papered first. I choose a brick paper and a board paper for the roof.  Make sure and use a good tack glue. I applied the glue to the actual wood house then added the paper. Check out the stash for bits of lace ribbon, glitter. Whatever you can add!
While the gesso was drying I hand cut portions of the pattern paper to decorate with tiny vignettes. The large snowflake is an inexpensive Dollar store ornament. Some of this is secured with hot glue. 

So what have you got laying around that you can recycle? Pop me off a comment I would love to hear about it.