Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mothers Day

Here they are, The Ones I love, They call me Mom

And then there were these 5They are the ones I love! 
They call me Grandmother
It is a Happy Mothers Day for me! Always

Friday, May 7, 2021

ATC postage stamp art and other things...

I am seriously addicted to the stamp upcycle now. These are some of my attempts at extending the borders of the stamps to make ATC size art cards. 
I start with a plain white water color cardstock paper. Place the stamp on then gently sketch in the horizon lines. 
Then I take the stamp away and extend the photo on the stamp with paint, pencil watercolor crayons. 
I am brand new to trying this type of actually doing a scenery extension. But, it makes me happy to try. 

It is spring, Finally! So in between snow storms  I have been doing the outside projects. Lets call this one the unfortunate cracking of the linoleum in the holiday trailer. Sounds like we were lucky it had lasted through 14 Canadian winters. So, that had to be redone. 5 long tough days of on the hands and knees work. Illustrated in photo form below.
Stripped out floor, Surprisingly great shape under the old lino.

Then it gets a super vacuum and cleaning. Had to pop up the carpet edge as well. 100s of staples later, it was ready for the glue.
Glue everywhere!! Takes a few hours to become tacky. Then as long as you have one true line to start your strip off of. The vinyl planks can be secured down. 

In the end I was well enough satisfied with how it turned out. 

Friday, April 30, 2021

Steampunk Tags

I built the figures before mounting them to a background.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Halloween Jars

I can do Halloween any time of the year. Here are some fun deco jars that were gifted to me as a do it yourself kit. Joanne #Majorenabler and I  did them together. It was a fun day.
Housed were die-cut then colored and stamped.
The background for the jars had to be applied then dried over night. Next we sprayed them with some amber mist to set the mood. 
Add on some altered trees, and houses
A bit of creepy bling embellishment
A side of tombstone
Thank You Gina G, Marita K, for this kit. It was fun to assemble. 

Yes, the Witch is home!

Friday, April 16, 2021


Love this series of photos with my Granddaughter 
Backdrop is our very own Lake Abraham. 
Detail note tucked behind top photo. The shoe frame is popped up on foam dots.

Suitcases are lined in back with chipboard and smoothed over the sides to add dimension. The Key is a charm, hooked through the back of the case. 
I found that the cases needed some shadow. I had already secured them. So I just used a torn strip and went in along the edges after with inks. 
Colored Glass medium through a stencil to frame her head.
I am proud of you everyday Jazzy!

Friday, April 9, 2021

Postage stamp Upcycle scavenger

Used postage integrated with G45 paper color match
This is the newest tool in my collection. Made to hold things in place. It held this thin strip so I could write on it perfectly. Usually when I try to hold it with my fingers, I end us smearing or messing up the spacing. The graph allows me to help space the words.

Adding a border around the words with a pen  takes it to that next visual level. See below for words without the border trim

Paper Traders Scavenger hunt for April 2021 Items called for: Pattern Tissue, Paper Clip, Floral, Small Tag. the finished card has real dried pansy's and violets from my garden. I used a layer of clear glue under and then another one over top to protect the delicate petals.  
Here are some returned JAMS 

Simple mail art decor below. Napkin stamp over with a few sprinkles glued on. 

Thanks Pinterest for these thoughts on Spring