Friday, November 30, 2018

Spicks and Specks

Decorating some key's for fun and trading. They are not done yet. I can't decide if I am going to add the 'shrinky dink' fairies or not as a charm.
Update, card and finished key, Ready to mail out.


I received another package from Scrapendipity. 
These die are seriously die-lightful!
Stay tuned because, next week I will have a little something for the New Year I am working on.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Whats in the Box?

This is the season for boxing stuff up and gifting. Because I am a scrapbooker, paper manipulator, I usually do a few gifts by hand.

So, what is in this box?
 I made it pretty all around. I kept the top flat so it can be easily stored.
There it is! It opens up to 4 mini albums
 Each of the 4 big sides is removable for easy viewing of the albums.
See my process and details below.

I  want to say, I saw this idea a long long time ago and adapted it to my own style. I give credit to 'Laurie' sorry I do not have a link or blog name to that post {lost it several computer changes ago}. I loved her 'inside - outside the box' thinking.

I am a sewer. So often my preplanning resembles a sewing pattern. I am putting this up as a sample of how I work only. I used a 12 x 12 inch paper as a template, all details sketched in and then translated to the chipboard with a ruler. Always do a test piece and dry fit before your final cutting and assemblage.  

TEMPLATE- cut 4 total before you assemble, 2 from chipboard and 2 from your decorative background paper {slightly bigger all the way around}
This is the chipboard cut for the base as well as the lid. NOTE: the lid has to be slightly larger all the way around to allow for ease of closing.
Score the fold lines slightly with a cutter for a crisp fold.
Reinforce all the creases with a thin liner. I used strips of express post mailer. It is very tough, but also thin enough to be unobtrusive.
Fit, glue, clip till dry.

In addition, I used a rigid waistband tape {from the sewing stash} to reinforce the lower box edge. It is glued and stapled in place on the outside.

Use a ruler,

Here is the box assembled before trimming and adding decorative ribbon. I used a solid base shimmer paper, then detailed with decorative after.
Use coordinating card stock to make the tiny album insets they are approximately 5 x 4-1/2 inches each. Ink all edges and decorate with stamps and paper bits before assemblage.

 Each of the 4 sides slide up and out
Detail of corner work.
NOTE: Between the secured smaller edges the sandwich will be Outside chipboard, covered outside, then 2 small center strips then inside chipboard covered slightly smaller than outside. Secured into the base in the corners.
Inside of album board is decorated, then ribbons holes are punched and  threaded through before the outside is decorated. NOTE: Keep the punch holes about 1/2 inch from top edge to allow the album to fit.
I will tell you that this took about 5 good crafting sittings to finish. I am going to fill it with photos of the kids, grand's and great-grandkids, for my Mother for Christmas. There is even lots of room to tuck an extra gift of some kind inside.
- Chipboard 12 x 12 @4
- Liquid quick grab glue
- Office paper clips for holding
- Ruler for accurate measuring
- Regular size Stapler
- Ribbons and such for trimming
- Ink to match the paper line, 'Dark Blue'
- Stamps for journaling or decorating.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Feathered Friends

I love the feather dies, that are popping up everywhere
Never one to leave well enough alone, I thought what else can I cut that will add something special to the feathers?.
I found myself wanting more detail and some open spaces. Then I though...Hmm how about those fancy edge doilies I have been hoarding, I mean saving for a special project. In the above photo you can see how lovely they look. They can be a little tricky to remove from the die, but patience will pay off.

This is the preplanning that went into the before I cut phase. In order to get the most cut at one time, this is what I did:
If you look closely at the photo, you can see that the die are attached to a piece of scrap Mylar. First lay down the doily right side down, then the Mylar centered over the top carefully. Add strips of double sided tape, position the die over the tape where you wish the cut to be on the doily. This is the pre plan, dry fit if you will. Once you get them all set up, carefully shift the positions so the die is under your doily. Layer cutting mats according to your machine and type of die you are using. Run it through and see what you end up with. NOTE: You can easily cut 2 or 3 doilies at once. Just be careful when you separate them.
Thanks Pinterest and Pinners for this

Friday, November 16, 2018

Mini Book Gift ' I Love You'

One of the favourite things about tidying up my space is the things I find. I came across a naked chipboard album from Bo Bunny that I have had for ages. I decided to pair it with Kaisercraft paper. And this is it!

I am also addicted to pinterest. Every wonderful quote is right there for me to collect. I printed out some of my favourites to dress the album and keep it inspirational. This is a Christmas gift for one of my daughters. {don't worry, they never ever read my blog unless I tell them to, so it will be a surprise} 

I used a cording to outline the 'heart' both sides to add interest and definition. The dream catchers and feathers are precut and added bit by bit as I went along. Charms, bangles ribbon added last.

Page by page. 

Remember these? from Maya Road? It made a great little add on you can see in the first photo attached to the binding rings.

This is my process
1.)Edge all the chipboard with ink
2.)Paper both sides of every page of the album
   be aware of which sides will open up together
3.)Add embossing, stamping
4.)Clip quotes and mat, plan the layout order
5.)Make sure to leave some of the quotes open on one end to form a pocket.
6.)If you have a lot of quotes, make separate double sided open pockets to add   into the album

Friday, November 9, 2018


Kaisercraft 'Pen and Ink' paper stack. Fussy cut butterfly's and bits from the pattern paper. The colored butterfly's are from a vintage dust jacket. Doily was sprayed with shimmery spray from the stash. This was a fast and easy layout to put together.

NOTE: pop the wings and things up with a pop dot or foam squares.

[əˈrôrə, ôˈrôrə]

aurorae [plural noun] auroras [plural noun] aurora borealis [noun] aurora australis [noun]
1. a natural electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of streamers of reddish or greenish light in the sky, usually near the northern or southern magnetic pole.
2. literay
the dawn, first thing in the morning, early sky, daybreak, sunrise, first light, daylight.

John Oliver Explains Daylight Saving Time.....

Friday, November 2, 2018

Simple Mail Art

Simple mail art outgoing. Stamp with a fun stamp in a non water soluble ink. Find a large alphabet stamp and stamp the first name of your recipient. {Remember to leave a space for the stamp or mail label.} Then write the full name and address underneath or beside the stamp.
{left off here for obvious reasons}
Finished Samhain Pocket Letter from last Friday.
Good advice from Pinerest

Friday, October 26, 2018

Background for a Pocket Letter

This is a background for a pocket letter I am working on.
1.} cut a sheet of heavy mixed media paper to the total finished size you will need. Generally a pocket letter will be {7-1/2 x 10-1/2 inches}.
2.} cover the entire paper with a generous layer of paints in the colors you choose. Allow to dry thoroughly.
3.} 'Ink'  stamp  or stamps with black gesso. Do a practice stamp first if the lines are very fine. It is nice to get it right the first stamp on your started background. NOTE: If it messes up, just re apply the paints to cover and start over with the stamp. Allow to dry
4.} Spray a glitter covering with  your glitter sprays. Allow to dry
 The theme for this letter is Samhain. I loved the finely wrought stencil of a spider web. Instead of using it in the usual way. I thought I would try something new.
5.} Place stencil onto background. Secure with clips of some kind.
6.} Go in with the metallic ink in a random inking , not too heavy as you want to highlight, not cover entirely. For the web, I concentrated on the inside corners with the ink.
7.} Keep the stencil securely in place. Go over all lines of the web with the glitter liner. NOTE: do not close the ends off if you want to add more webbing to the piece. {solid white edge of stencil}
8.} To get an all over pattern move your stencil matching up the edges loosely with the last stencil lines. Repeat the steps to cover the entire background.
 The glitter liner gives a lovely gossamer finish to the web.
Check back for a look at the finished letter!
~Heavy weight mixed media paper
~black gesso
~acrylic paints in your color pallet
~metallic ink
~glitter sprays
~fine liner glitter pen
Thanks Pinterest