Friday, October 18, 2019

A little bit of Wonderland

This little one is now 15 !!
Where do the Little's go?
Layout created using Bo Bunny 'Land of Wonder' paper and ephemera pack.

Friday, October 11, 2019


Once I get the Halloween stuff out, I just can't stop !
I did several backgrounds using different sprays.
Emboss and template spider webs.
The image above is inspired by the real deal found online. She was easy to make, just draw an outline on black paper, cut a little piece to inset as a face. I hand drew a nose and the lips. Glue it to the black and there she is 'Wicked'. Spider web is emboss, 'W' made using the reverse cut out from a cricut cut. Same with the hair under the cap.
 Same idea as above, just layer the green stripes over the black legs. Highlight boots with a bit of silver. Lace scrap for the skirt

 For this one, I printed an image off of the net, then redid it with inks, paints and such.{This is not my hand drawn artwork, It was and actual photo} The wings behind are a bat cut out from cricut. It is okay, but I wanted more.
So, I added a spider web over her dress.
I need some words for these two witches, so these are still a work in progress.
This little silhouette witch was made in the same way as the others, just an outline drawn on the back of a pre decorated paper. Then mounted to a background.

More tags for an upcoming swap.

Friday, October 4, 2019


I am always up for a little bit of Wicked Fun! These are 3 x 5 cards for swapping in time for Halloween.
This is a Witches crystal ball stamp emboss then hand colored with copic markers. The edges were done with water on a brush then touched with a pinch of Bree Reece powder. See on the left how the image spilled over. I snipped them off then reattached so they fell within the borders. I like how it pulls it all together.
Back is stamped emboss Witch trio hand cut and colored.
 Cricut 'WICKED'cut sign, misted spider web over template.
Making the envelope a little bit more interesting.
Above the spider web is emboss and highlighted with pen and ink scuff.
Below is the front side of the emboss web as well as a stamped and emboss spider.

The 'Wicked' was made by cobbling together the cricut cut out sheet from the back of the card. Then pounced with green ink.

Friday, September 20, 2019

ATC Traders

 ATC trader time again. When I haven't spent much happy time in my room, I try to at least squeeze in some smaller projects. Usually the ATC's are made from bits that are hanging around from experimental cuts or just left overs. Above are quotes from my friend Gina, all ready to just stick on. {Thanks Gina} The dream catchers are hand made from a snowflake embossing folder,
read about that process here. 
These graphics came off of one of those extra large 'Mom' calendars. Unearthed it from a pile of 'must deal with ephemera'. Which is what I have been doing lately. Going through the drawers, piles and hotspots trying to fix the mess. Fussy cut then restacked the pumpkins and added some pearly highlights.
 This one is for a RAK Thanksgiving snarky to a special friend.
Thanks to the Pinterest snarky card makers

Friday, September 13, 2019

Tree Bleach Mini Tutorial

If you are like me, you may LOVE the light color craft trees.
You also may have noticed they are significantly more expensive than the traditional 'greens'. Have I got a quick easy solution for you. Here's how!
1- Buy any old craft green bottle brush style trees
2- Mix a light bleach solution with water in a glass jar
   a little deeper than your tallest tree.
3- Upend your trees into the solution
4- Wait for the magic to happen
5- rotate at about 15 minutes
6- remove, rinse and air dry
7- Use as is or re-color or dip dye in a different shade
   'pink pale blue' look nice too

Above is immediate color brown run off

After 4 or 5 minutes NOTE: could stop here for snowy top effect
I left them in about 1/2 hour total.

Have fun with the trees

Friday, September 6, 2019

Organizing the 'Little People'

I like to use the 'little people' in a lot of my projects. #TimHoltz has the Ancestors and Paper Dolls in huge sets. I also have a collection of ephemera and old photo cut outs from before we were able to just buy a pack. 

Often when working on a project, the size of the cut out determines which one I can use. I finally decided to separate them according to Size {yes size matters} I keep these close to hand and can now tell at a glance which row of figures I will choose from. 
For my system, I have them separated in graduated sizing by, Individual, Men, Women, Girls, Couples and then of course on to Halloween and Christmas as well. {white for general, Orange for Halloween, Blue for Christmas / Winter}

This was a fast easy project, start with a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock. Decide how much of each figure you want to see, start by folding your largest{back row} first then continue on down to have them viewable and accessible.
My folds were approximately as follows:
Start with full 12 x 12 sheets of cardstock
Score at
*5 inches
*5-1/2 inches {Fold these accordion style}
*6 inches
*8-3/4 inches
*11-1/2 inches
Cut 2 strips {these are your backers for the inside folds 
12 x 2 inches Secure at 11-1/2 inch fold tucked in the crease.
12 x 3 inches Secure at 6 inch fold, tucked right tight to the 5-1/2 inch fold
NOTE: you can add in layers and secure them all at the bottom or add in extra inside rows with more paper inserts or pockets to hold them in place.
Use a scrap piece to practice your fold lines {some dolls are smaller or larger}

Friday, August 30, 2019

Dragon Magic

I don't always know what I am going to use these bits on, but it is nice to have them on hand when an inspiration hits me.
 Found this fantastic stamp by Pink Ink. This dragon is seriously big enough to play with. I thought I would use it on a scrap of over painted music paper. It had the colors I thought would match a dragon.
 I used Seth Apter by Emerald Creek, baked textured 'patina oxide'
It has a gorgeous verdigris green and old gold shimmer to outline the dragon
I did a fussy cut all the way around then went in with paint pens and felts to detail out the eyes and color in some parts to highlight the details.