Friday, January 22, 2021

Elizabeth Craft Design Planner Essential

This is a single wing die cut. However if you want to make a set that opens see the photo below.
First fold a piece of paper you want to cut from. Then  carefully positioning the inside edge of the die cut to just peep over the edge of that fold so you are not cutting the entire wing out. Maybe secure that with a piece of washi so it doesn't move.
Cut and you can open it up and have the set. 
While on my quest to go through and edit all things I no longer do. I came across a book of Toll Painting Stencils. Originally made to have the designs cut by hand then used for Toll painting. The very heavy Velum type paper  peaked my interest. I decided to cut some of the die cuts on this paper. Now I can use them like a stencil. They should hold up through a few applications of ink, sprays or medium. 
 Tune in next Friday for more of the Journal Chronicles. 
I have been playing with the Slider Pocket ECD die cutter.
Globe Planner Essentials #28 HERE
Butterfly Pocket Planner Essentials

Friday, January 15, 2021

Postage Stamp Tag

Above Finished Tags Front

Inspired by a tag I viewed on Pinterest. 

Below Tag Backs
As well as having recently sorted my collection of Stamps. They really are tiny bits of art all on their own. 
Don't worry, I have more. These are just a quick pull in color sorted 'Heads' for this tag. They were fun to make. I want to do more. With different themes....Flowers, Animals, Architecture, Scenery.
Here is the basic walk through for this process:
This is what I gathered to  use. Those are a standard Tag from an Office Depot type store. Makes a good sturdy base. Vintage Music sheets, or possibly Antique they are 75 years old.

~ Choose a minimum of 6 postage stamps
{I like real stamps, vintage or current all canceled or used}
~ make a decorative background for your tag {front and back must be pretty so no blank backs make sure and sign your piece on the back}
The background can be as fancy as you like, just not a blank background.
When choosing your paper, or fabric for your tags, keep in mind your color pallet.
~ Find a scrap of lace to decorate the top
Photo shows clear pockets as approximately 1/2 inch deep
~cut strips of sturdy plastic to house your tags, place them in 3 spaced layers over the top of your tag 
~Stitch as shown in photo to make open top pockets

I work assembly line fashion. Just as easy to do several at once.
Sew each clear layer along the bottom edge, then around your entire tag outside to secure the lace bit to top as well
~ Slip your postage stamps into the 3 pockets  2 on each layer or more if you wish.
~ You can decorate and embellish as you go along. 

Challenge noted and accepted Pinterest Pinner....

Friday, January 8, 2021

A Big Shot

For Christmas and more Elizabeth Crafts Die cutters. 
Here is the newest I have been playing with. Nothing made yet. They do take some time to get oriented correctly. Note to Self: Use scrap paper to do the trial cuts and make notes!

this was to me the most obvious way to cut and manipulate the Travel the World Globe die.  Cut two then mix and match the insides.

Above is the layout for cutting the journal so that you have a front page, with the holes on the left as needed. {Die cut face down on your good side} Notable Notes: Because I live in Canada, I am use to seeing the world from my side. So will have to make an effort to make sure that I cut the globe, so my view of North America is visible on the left hand side. {This would mean cutting the globe face down on the back side of my final view} I am not sure if this is intentional on the part of ECD or if it is just up to individual interpretation. I am going to reiterate.....Junk Paper- Practice cuts. 
This is the back page, that I cut first intended to be the front of the journal. I immediately realized I had the holes on the wrong side, so....Front becomes Back! with the Globe n the position as viewed from my side of our small world. LOL
See the N at the top of this Die? That is my reminder to orient it up.
After the cutting experience I will be making notes about how to orient the continental view too. 

Friday, December 18, 2020

Tags for Christmas

These were okay, but I felt they needed more. So added some sparkles, as well as the ribbons and door decal. 

The tags developed over time. It really was trial and error. Heavy on the errors. But undaunted I pressed on. Initially I ran them through the embossing machine. Trees and trucks. It sounds nice, but then I tried to add the color in.  Well the photos speak for that little experimental fail. 
So to fix the hot mess, I added a touch of white to give a snowy feel. Then redefined the trees by stamping over. NOTE: make sure everything is dry and set before you go in with the whites. 
Tiny truck and trees are stamped, emboss then fussy cut. Added the rope before gluing them to the background. 
These backgrounds  are napkin background, detailed color blue poster paint. Trees stamped with white poster paints. Then stamped trees over the top. And that is what I should have done from the beginning. Saved all that embossing for a different type of tag. 'Made a Mess, Had Fun' so its all good. {PS if I ever write that book one of the chapters will be titled as such!}
Another shopping Inspired tag

Bailey's Holiday Antler's Check it out 

Friday, December 11, 2020

Trader Tag

Mystery mingle Challenge
Completed tag for trading. 
This tag was developed with the following materials. Mailed out as a blind mystery swap. We were given the articles listed on the card on the left hand side. Then the challenge was to make a tag using the comic strips in any way and include the other elements.
Since I could use the comic strips any way I wished this is how it played out:
- I tore the comics into strips
-Adhered to the tag, cut the paper doily and positioned it
-Then did a paint whitewash over all
- sprayed some colored sprays on and whitewashed again
- added color and glitter to the die cuts, glued them on
- Stamped  a new stamp and colored it. Fussy cut and glued it.
-Then I found some words to finish it off. 
Stamp used for this image was Elizabeth Crafts 'Earthy Girls'

Friday, December 4, 2020

JAMS High Tea, Friend

These JAMS started as cut outs from adult coloring book pages.
You can see I cut them apart to ATC size, then added some fun bits and on to the next recipient to add more stuff. 
Above symbols mean 'Friend' and below I call it 'High Tea'

Here is a completed one that I worked on last and will send back.
When it arrived it was a stamped image on pattern paper with the alphabet tape across the bottom. I added some color to the stamp. as well as some magazine cut out bits for the desk top. Then personalized it with the snarky quip from the windmills of my mind. 

Friday, November 27, 2020

New Die Cutter

I have a new die cutter, if you haven't seen these by Elizabeth Crafts. They are wonderful. Once I got started I couldn't stop. This is an envelope, that had some really nice picture stamps. I disassembled it and cut so the stamps would be on the flap side. NOTE: you will want to line the pocket inside with contrast paper or vellum so your tag doesn't catch on the delicate Mandela cut.  Do that before you glue the pocket down.
Once I got started cutting. I had to peruse the scrap pile and cut more. 
Above positioned the bird, so it would be highlighted when its all together. The phrase is included to be cut into anything. You can then use the letters to reassemble as individual. 
It comes with extra die cuts and a full alphabet of individual cutting die. If you are catching the cut out pieces, have your xyron handy and place them in it immediately to avoid loosing bits you want to use.
This is a gorgeous HUGE die cut set. They are marketed for planners and such. I will be using them in my Junk Journal, traders and for Gift cards, things like that. 
Comes with the coordinating tag cutter. Below are more scraps. The vellum is just magazine scrap tear outs. I positioned them so the words would show on the final fold. 

I will end with what I started with. I really wanted to Junk up this envelope upcycle.
What ensued follows:
I stamped, stenciled, and embossed in random places
Confession, it didn't take me long to realize I did not like the way it looked.
I think I chose the wrong color combination. Should not have added the red.
At any rate, my fix was to whitewash over all the pieces
This still leaves it mostly red, but it also draws it all together in a cohesive manner. 
Note to self, my first instinct was to use blue. I should have used blue. Good news is I can do this again and again!! And no two pockets will be identical unless I want them to be. 

Check out the huge selection HERE, I have more coming soon!