Friday, October 22, 2021

Rust Experiment

 This is what happens when I try to clean the garage....I came across these rusty sawblades, bucket of rusty nails...and various other rusty bits.
So, I decided to do a little rust experimenting. I layered paper, fabric, and the rusty pieces. I kept them all damp for about 3 days. Not soggy, but making sure they were wet to damp most of the time. I could have used salt water to accelerate the process. But chose plain water. 
Checking progress, it takes a bit of patience, and you have to be careful separating the paper layers when you decide they are rusty enough.

Above scrap was silk
Below old linen 
Below is the print on very heavy paper of the saw blades
Old Day planner pages and Linen
These will be fun to incorporate into the mixed media and journal projects!

I also found these really antient gunny sacks with incredible graphics.
I really want to frame these. I have soaked and washed them. They do have quite an oderous aura to them. I am hoping once they are framed, the odor will be sealed under glass.
'Dominican Republic'

About that got it..its still a mess:

Friday, October 15, 2021

New paper!!

Vintage Rustic Christmas Paper is in my hands.

I just had to do a quick layout. This paper really is goreous with the muted but strong colors. Now to find those winter photos!

I've been playing with die cuts a lot lately. This is a  tiny tattered tree turned into a snowflake. I know I will be making more of these too. 

Friday, October 8, 2021

Giving Thanks

I am thankful. Not necessarily thankful for things. Mostly I am thankful for the people in my life. Family first then friends. Close friends are my family too. Have a Safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Willow Witch

Fodder Dolls are just what they sound like, paper dolls made from any and all the bits that are laying around. These two are the finished version. They are traders, so will be outgoing soon. I almost abandon the Willow Witch, but kept adding more being highly encouraged by my art friend GinaG  To see some of Gina's stunning arwork check out her instagram HERE

This one started with a stamped top, then the diecut tree bits were added.  I played around with some flower cutouts and birds. The birds got nixed in favour of the fairy moon shown in the finished doll. 
Below are the basic starter dolls. 
This is a  craft you can throw together while you watch your favourite TV shows. Choose a few heads,  grab a box of fodder and commence!
Still need to add a few more bits, and a sentiment to these. 

This is my process:
  • STEP ONE get your fodder collected
  • STEP TWO find a focal image, be it stamp or any image that shows 'head and shoulders',                                                     Cut this out. Black and white images work great !
  • Glue your 'head' image to the top of a sturdy piece of cardstock, decide how long you want your body to be.
  • Sketch a loose rectangle shape body outline  cut this out to form the body for your head. 
  • apply glue to the entire body form add any colorful fodder bits over the top then retrim to your body shape
  • Add details with punched flowers, stencils etc to add another layer or two
  • add a thin contrast strip to define the joint between your shoulders and body
  • Now you add more details with colored markers, paints, ink  to your head and shouders
  • give the image a headress if some kind. Add whatever embellishments you wish.
  • Edge out your edges with ink or pen.
Thanks Pinterest an Pinners, for keeping it real

Friday, September 24, 2021


Zucchini Relish Time!!! 
If you read the tag, you will note that I got played this year! 3 hills of self described 'Giantico Green' Zucchini!. Well, thats not green. But they were fairly big. 
then a trip to the grocery store to buy Green and Red Peppers, as well as onions. Although I did have onions from my hobby garden to add to this mix. Let me tell you they were small, but mighty in aroma! Made me tear up a bit...... 
Next one must grind them all and let it sit overnight in a Salt and boiling water brine. I will say that I prefer working with the Green over the yellow. The yellow are softer and cook down to a thiner relish. Green has more body to it. 

Then you drain it really well and add the vinegar sugar and spices!
Cook and stir like a Witch over a cauldron.
And in about an hour you will have enough to jar up! This is our families favourite Relish! Some have even been known to eat it like a pickle. 
The house smells amazing with the vinegar and fresh vegetable medley in the air. 

Friday, September 17, 2021

Old photos with new paper

49th & Market papers. Journaling tucked behind main photo. 

Friday, September 10, 2021

Organizing- Product review

Just picked up these Folders by Totally Tiffany
Wanted to do a show and tell of my experience. 

This is the descriptive write up:

We've all got at least 1, 12x12 Scrapbook Paper Collection that incldes coordinating papers, stickers, embellishments, and diecuts. Where to keep them? We've got the perfect place: the Collection Keeper - 3pk.  These clear, tabbed, multi-pocketed pouches are just the thing to store all the pieces in one place. No more digging, searching and trying to remember what you have! Just put the entire collection into a Collection Keeper. Once you've added a label to the tab, you can easily store it in a Paper Handler, on a shelf or in a tote. Then when you're ready to create, all the pieces will be together, visible, and at your fingertips. As Tiffany says, "keep together what you use together". The Collection Keeper makes it simple!

These are my results in photo form
In hind sight, I should have noted that the description did not include chipboard, to whit, I have a lot for each collection. I am overall very pleased with the results. 
The individual packs were broken up and placed in the back pouches. I will note that if you have tiny pieces make sure you have them in the bottom half of the pouches. They are curved for easy access, however that also means they will slide out from under the flap. I may add a piece of mylar to keep them all in place if I travel with the pouches. 
So far I used them as I intended when I purchased them. For the Stamperia collections I have. This includes full paper packs @22 sheets in this one was a bit of a trial to get into the 12 x 12 slot, but I did it! Also Rice paper sandwiched in between the back of the paper and Chipboard. 
The pouch is absolutly Stuffed, but it is very nice to  have it all in one place so I can grab and work on it.  The struggle is real. Do I have too much? I think not, I just need more Totally Tiffany !!!

Please note that I do not get any perks for my opinion one way or the other.