Friday, April 9, 2021

Postage stamp Upcycle scavenger

Used postage integrated with G45 paper color match
This is the newest tool in my collection. Made to hold things in place. It held this thin strip so I could write on it perfectly. Usually when I try to hold it with my fingers, I end us smearing or messing up the spacing. The graph allows me to help space the words.

Adding a border around the words with a pen  takes it to that next visual level. See below for words without the border trim

Paper Traders Scavenger hunt for April 2021 Items called for: Pattern Tissue, Paper Clip, Floral, Small Tag. the finished card has real dried pansy's and violets from my garden. I used a layer of clear glue under and then another one over top to protect the delicate petals.  
Here are some returned JAMS 

Simple mail art decor below. Napkin stamp over with a few sprinkles glued on. 

Thanks Pinterest for these thoughts on Spring

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ginag said...

Pansies and violets some of my favorite first of spring flowers, cool idea to layer the clear glue for protection. You really rocked all of your postage people cards that you made and I know you had a blast! Mhaw, gina