Friday, April 23, 2021

Halloween Jars

I can do Halloween any time of the year. Here are some fun deco jars that were gifted to me as a do it yourself kit. Joanne #Majorenabler and I  did them together. It was a fun day.
Housed were die-cut then colored and stamped.
The background for the jars had to be applied then dried over night. Next we sprayed them with some amber mist to set the mood. 
Add on some altered trees, and houses
A bit of creepy bling embellishment
A side of tombstone
Thank You Gina G, Marita K, for this kit. It was fun to assemble. 

Yes, the Witch is home!

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ginag said...

Spooktacular glass jars, Pam. Love that you improvised and used a spray on the glass...very clever. They really light up beautifully to set the mood. A+