Friday, September 13, 2019

Tree Bleach Mini Tutorial

If you are like me, you may LOVE the light color craft trees.
You also may have noticed they are significantly more expensive than the traditional 'greens'. Have I got a quick easy solution for you. Here's how!
1- Buy any old craft green bottle brush style trees
2- Mix a light bleach solution with water in a glass jar
   a little deeper than your tallest tree.
3- Upend your trees into the solution
4- Wait for the magic to happen
5- rotate at about 15 minutes
6- remove, rinse and air dry
7- Use as is or re-color or dip dye in a different shade
   'pink pale blue' look nice too

Above is immediate color brown run off

After 4 or 5 minutes NOTE: could stop here for snowy top effect
I left them in about 1/2 hour total.

Have fun with the trees

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