Friday, June 23, 2017

Bo Bunny Media Frame Upcycle

Live Life in Color!!
Okay, so this is a very large frame do over.
 Above is how it started, not ugly, but not very personal
Each square is approximately 6x6 inches.  They are popped up about one inch from the background and have an overall wave cut to them. If you find a frame to re do, in order to give it some tooth, first sand then go 
 over the pattern with a heavy gesso.
Allowed this to dry over night.  

I dug through the photo stacks till I found a nice selection to use. They had to be small to fit in the frames sheet from this Bo Bunny paper pack. I snipped, and clipped and fussy cut till I could mount them to a frame. NOTE: Cut the lower inside edge of the frames and slip your trimmed photo up from underneath. I also played around with and re printed a few in Cyan with a brick overlay effect for the photos I wanted to appear receding.
 This is a sun hand made gem from my sweet grandchildren. I mounted it over the 'Live Life in COLOR' logo from the border of a sheet.
Here are some of the close up shots.

I may add a few more photos over time, as well as more bits and bobs from the stash. The frame below has pop up elements as well as actual key staples and fabric to mimic the paper pattern in the top left hand corner.
Thanks Pinterest and Aunty Acid!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Lavendar Haze Kit Blitz 4 the Layouts

More 'Lavendar Haze' kit work for June. This Kaisercraft paper is so beautiful and versatile. I used it for summer photos and 3-D projects. However, it would be a perfect young child or baby set with the muted tones. The sticker sheet has amazing crisp cut edges, very little to no extra background color border. I LIKE that too!
I loved the wistful feeling of this photograph. I wanted to include the other photo, but didn't want it to compete with the main photo. I stacked them so the background was extended. To do this I simply used the ribbons to act as the pivot point for the flip, reinforced with a piece of border trim. Then added the journal card to the larger postcard sheet to cover the back of the top photo.
 These layouts for my sweet granddaughter are flat. Not my usual look. I am thinking she might appreciate some simple layouts in her books! Love this child!

I used the heart emboss vellum sheet to soften the background matting. Then stacked a row of buttons along the center point.
The waves are cut with a die from the stash. I kept the background purposely uncluttered. Mainly because I wanted the focus to be on the fun the kids are having with Dad. I added minimal journaling along the waves. The photos don't need explaining. I love how they are so cautious, but the water only comes up to dads knees. They will remember these summer day's always.
The water photos had odd heads of background people in them. So, I snipped and clipped till the focus came back to Dad and the kids. Although this is a double layout, they can easily be split into two to go in each child's album. The current tittle is chipboard laser cut from the kit, emboss with enamel with gold flecks embossing powder.
I always try to take the flower photos. These grow along the front deck. I am not an expert photographer. But, I found a fun way to incorporate several pictures into this LO. I snipped and clipped then layered with pop-dots under to give them a 3-D look. I did the same for the Poppies!
Most of the peonies originally were around the farmhouse where I grew up. I have divided and planted them every time I move. The ones here are now 17 years in growth. The original tubers have to be from plants that grew over 100 years ago. Some of the mother plants have died out. But, many were moved to new locations.

A neighbor from our last house loved the peonies, she actually did a watercolor for me when I moved. (I had shared some tubers with her for her lovely gardens as well) One peony is a rescue that sprouted up beside a back cement pad in a rental place we lived in while we sold one house and bought another. {gardens were not allowed, so I potted it for relocation} I do love the peonies! I am at fourteen growing plants this year, they range in color from snowy white to deep burgundy.
 The poppies grew from a handful of seeds literally swept off my moms porch. I sprinkled them in the fall three years ago now. They reseed every year. I think they add a fairy tale magical aura to the playhouse gardens.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lavendar Haze 3 Kit Blitz

Mini Book: The first thing to do is to cut up two of the tag sheets. A large one and the small one. Next arrange them in an order that you like.
Cut some coordinating ribbons and zigzag the ribbons to the ends of each card. NOTE: you can do two at once and make pockets as well. I made 6 pockets by stitching the small cards back to back. Next sew the ribbons gradually together to form a spine for your book. {You could also staple them together}

Using the small Tim Holtz stencils as a guide, I cut six tags, two from each color card stock, then six 1/2 inch smaller of the kit paper scraps.
Ink your edges before securing the pattern paper to the background tag.

I dabbed black gesso onto each stencil, then used a roller tool with a paper towel in between to transfer the pattern to the front and back of each tag.

Back view ^
Front view
I embellished each tag with a dragonfly from the sticker sheet, then added a ribbon through the holes.
This is the finished top view. I will be adding photos, sentiments and personalizing it as a graduation gift for my Grand Daughter!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lavendar Haze 2

Its a trinket catch-all box
We don't actually eat a lot of this cheese, but, I have been hanging onto these sturdy little boxes for forever! They were the perfect base for this project.
Open view
After looking over the kit papers, I chose to cut a 1" border for each of the 6 boxes. I glued as well as stapled the borders to each box. NOTE: they will not cover the entire perimeter, but I glued the uncovered portion to the paper background, so you cannot see it. This will also allow for a good adhesion.
I picked a background piece and played around with the box placement. I penciled a thin registration line for each layer.
I used double sided tape for the magnets and secured them to a piece of sewers waist band tape. I ran the tape the full length of the webbing, allowing for an overlap piece. I also decorated the flap end with a piece of ribbon, then sandwiched the bottom flap in the lower folded edge of the background paper.
 This made it very sturdy, you could also use a piece of pliable chipboard or other such cardboard.

Using one of the lids, I simply created a circle temple slightly larger than the actual lid. Cut the edges at 1/4 inch intervals so it would shape over the lip. I stapled a reinforcement piece of webbing to the outside edge, then added double sided tape and covered the rim with ribbons from the kit.

 More to come soon, this is a HUGE paper kit!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Lavendar Haze

Selena has done it again. She has put together a gorgeous paper pack for June  'Lavendar Haze'
This kit is has an amazing assortment of double sided 12 x 12 papers that includes 2 of each sheet! 6 coordinating quality cardstock. Stunning silver emboss vellum, a pack of 50 buttons, Washi tape dragonfly charm, tiny clothes pegs, die-cuts, a huge pack of ribbon, dauber tool, embossed sentiment, as well as the matching sticker sheet!
I haven't tried my hand at a card for a very long time
Fooled around with a fancy edger trimmed up the stack
NOTE: I cut a scrap piece the same size as the emboss sheet to do the cuts first to make sure they would fit properly with my punch!
 I wanted the emboss to show up a bit more so first placed some water soluble distress ink pad prints on the craft sheet. Then spritzed it with water.
Then pulled it into the dauber and placed random color dots.
I flipped it over to spread the ink and give a light watercolor effect
And there it is! a card top!