Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Where the Fae Folk Play

A little bit of rain...
and the Fae Folk houses pop up
 You just never know when
 you will catch a glimpse of them

The old witch steals the shoes and
 keeps them planted...an enticement
from the blacks on left Old Witch-Irelyn-Rhi-Rhi

 From the far left..Rhi'-Grandpa C-Horse hoof cover-Grandpa C-baby Taryn-Jazzy-Baby Gabe-Taryn below and beside-Jazzy-Rhi-Old Witch's
 The mate to the little pink shoe on the right of Gabe's shoe disappeared
 almost as soon as it was planted...
 Irelyn's old favorites hide
the entrance to the fairy door.
Incidentally there is a family of foxes that disturb these in their attempt to catch the fairies that frolic in the moon light. The old witch sprinkled them with cayenne pepper, chilli and black ground. I am sure with the sneezing spell that was cast, it will deter them. It will also enable her to hear the fairies sneeze.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Paverpol with Joanne

 Meet 'Willow-Witch'
and Beautiful-'Sunday'
 She is the newest Fae addition
Joanne took me to a Paverpol class for my birthday
 I did a beginner, Joanne did a more advanced class. This is her working on her elegant lady.
Once they are dry they can go in the garden in all seasons.
Faces are tricky, but it is the overall effect, kind of whimsical, fantasy. Very artsy stuff. Loved the class, thank you my BFF

Joanne's original

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer In The Rockie's

Peony in bloom
 Carpet of Snow
 More Peony
Red Poppy
Coral Poppy~ I love these
And its all good right up until driving home, I spot this... as If I could miss it. That looks like a 'naider' cloud to me.
Just nicely get the groceries in the house and it hits
 Hmmm the photos need no description. They were taken about 1/2 hour after the first wave.
Carnage everywhere
Extensive Expensive Damage
So happy I took the photos before.
And that my friends is
'Summer In the Rockies'
 as I know it.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hot Summer Days Spent Pickin.....

.....And then there was more!!!
Recently....on a pickin expedition
Had a fun and exhausting day 'Pickin' at my DH's old garage. Story goes it was once the site of a country store. So, many of the items had been used in the garage after the store  closed. So many interesting things to clean up and try to decipher the origins of. Hoping to use the crates in the house as part of a downstairs remodel. Some of them are a little mousey smelling. I hit them with the air compressor and then the car wash tool, and some Lysol cleaner. They are currently in the 'dry out' section. Hoping some airing and sanding, perhaps a light seal will make them house worthy. If you know how to get that smell out of wood, I am up for any suggestions to try? The tiny round stove will reside in the Playhouse soon. I think I will try to either seal the rust, or re blacken it. I know there once was a product to 'blacken' your stoves. Kind of like a polish for stoves. Not sure if it is still around.....hmmmm more questions than answers today. Does anyone know what solvent will remove tar?
 Will update with more photos in the near future. You should see some of the old bottles....well you will, once I get them cleaned....
Thanks to DH and his parents for letting us pick!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Upcycle Window ECT...

Here in central Alberta, we have had some very nice sunny day's. Just perfect for painting and tackling the garage projects. 
Here is the started reworked old window frame.  Doesn't look like much, but it is a work in progress. I have been happily digging through the piles of rusty bits of this and that. The center piece is from an old camp stove that was my Dad's. Love the rusty patina. So far , at a 50" x 28" frame and  weighing in at about 35 lbs. I haven't figured out the how or where it will eventually sit. I am feeling pretty happy to finally be tackling the stacks of reclaimable items, my magpie eye has to keep.

..Not done yet....well that's the story of my creative life. In fact I might request that epitaph on my tombstone..."She's Gone...but She's Not Done Yet !!"

I have also been playing over at 'Paper Traders' {when the computer lets me, UGG hopefully a new one soon} Anyhow here are a few of my latest samples for trading:
Round Robin ATC's- still time to join this one, These are my backgrounds, to be sent on to 4 other players, then the final receiver keeps them.
 Monthly Themed ATC Speed Swap
current speed swap- still time to join the theme is to use a seed packet on your ATC;s
Last months swap- Theme Wabi Sabi

Other swaps:

 Fairy Tale page swap. Hosted by Moi' 
 Everyone made a page, sent it to me, then I bound them and sent them back. Really gorgeous art work by our members from around the world.

Have a great summer, and keep smiling and creating.

Monday, July 7, 2014


7 Years in a 25 year history
Happy Anniversary Dear

Sunday, July 6, 2014

~Hemingway's Beach~

 This pier was seriously the longest pier I have ever been on. It looked great from a distance, but could have used some upkeep. Gorgeous water. 

Thanks to Eliza at Scribbles & Giggles for having this paper in stock!