Friday, July 3, 2015

Make Three Wishes Fun Friday

The minute I saw these tiny bottles, I knew I had to do a Three Wishes altered book.
 I started with a fairly thick old book. 'Readers Digest' probably circa 1970's, They were great reads full of all the classics. Alas it was time to give it a new purpose.
I removed about 18th of the pages somewhere in the first 1/3 of the book. It was falling apart, but I didn't worry about that yet.

After tracing lightly around the placement for the tiny jars I used a very sharp knife to slice through many many layers to take on the shape of the jars.
Here is a close up of the finished opening. I sprayed the sides with a nice thick layer of glimmer mist and dried it with a heat gun. Then I carefully cut and placed part of an ocean photo scrap in the back of the opening. Notice, they are tiered to accommodate the bottle neck as well as the rim.

Every wish needs dandelion fluff, so that is what they are filled with.
I used white gesso to cover the text and then a color wash of more glimmer mist.
I punched the holes with a regular hole punch so I could counter sink pearls of wisdom to go with the wishes along the right hand edge.
NOTE: When I secured the pages together around the openings, I only did small daubs of glue in order  to keep the pages as flat as possible. I then clamped it shut and weighted it till it was dry.  Much of this process will have to allow for overnight clamping and drying
To decorate the cover as well as inside pages I used, black gesso on the stamps. These are all from Finnabair, through Prima.
Anna is an amazingly talented lady. I worked with her in the early years for a site called 'Bad Girls Kits' It was clear from the beginning she was a rare natural to the altered art world. She was also very gracious and encouraging with her comments and projects. What I  would give to take a class from her!
So, I stamped dried, then  sprayed generously with different sprays till I liked the color mix.
This is the front cover before spray
 Here is the open view of both covers and spine
Inside view of finished pages. I secured the bottles with a small clear glue dot. Added a title and a small frame with a pop of color.

All supplies from Scrapendipity's
 Little Green Truck.

Thanks for this wish Pinterest

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Canadian Pickin' and Paintin'

Close up of table top, Milk painted and waxed
This table is a very old table I know that for sure. It came to me in 7 pieces out of one of my Mom's old collection sheds. I did a preliminary sand of all the separate components. Then, using my awesome recycle reuse skills I pounded out some post supports and screwed them to the underside. I also glued each piece along the seams with super strong 'Gorilla' wood glue. Then I clamped and let it harden.
Sanded some more. This looks fast and easy in the photos. Beware, it took days and days toiling in the sun to finish this table and chair. And if I am being honest, I have had them waiting in pieces for nigh on 15 years!! Yikes that is a long time to wait to get to a project. Sigh. I am getting things done. Mostly because if I don't, then I am going to have to let them go.
You can see by the difference in front to back legs that they have been sawed off at some point. This was the way Great Great Grandpa would have leveled up a table to sit straight on an uneven floor. Not sure what this would have been used for. Have 'You' ever seen one of this shape and size? Please comment, if you have any thoughts at all. I always visit back, make sure and leave your link.
I think the sawn off legs would have sat to the back. Typically if your floor was caving the center was lower than the walls.
Here is the finished piece, and a chair that I milk painted to match. The table was far from perfect so, I decided to work with it and give it an eclectic pallet. There is a sliver of wood missing along the front edge. I will have to embed some of my collection of semi precious polished stones in the crack. I think it will look great in a corner with a nice doily and a vase of fresh flowers on top....Hmmm might have to try that and take a picture. Just as soon as the Peonies open!
 But wait the paintings not done yet.
This picnic table in the woods needed an update. I had wanted to keep it the natural wood look, so I Thompson Water sealed it when it was brand new and freshly assembled.....As you can see that worked out well.
Any how, I love blue so here it is all blued up!!
And then the glasses jumped right into the paint can, Oh, well I was ready for a new pair anyhow. Now its Hammock time.
Another day...another project finished
This little gem has been sitting in the living room all winter, just waiting. I primed it with wall primer when I painted the kitchen. Finally added milk paint trim and to top and front. Finished up with wax and some wallpaper for durability.
It will go in the bedroom with this upcycled frame, they match pretty good.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Then and Now

Santanna, you were just a baby when you were the flower girl for your Aunty Shermane's wedding. At the wedding we went to last summer in the same haul, 16 years later, I tried to photograph you in front of the same windows. Each flap  in the layout opens up to show you then an now, and reveal the journaling. 

Just look how you have grown into a beautiful young woman. Still the same mischievous personality. In the first photo you were being entertained by the 'boys' throwing rocks across the parking lot.
Closeup of the reflection
of your back in the window
These three girls! 2 sisters and their niece.
 They have grown up close enough  in age
 to be like three sisters. 
Where did those little girls go?
 Looks like three gorgeous
 young women to me.
When Canadian Scrapbooker made the call a few months ago for Then and Now photos, I knew it was time to scrapbook this trio.

Being a thrifty scrapper, when I am using pricey paper with several layers. You got it! I cut the centers to use in smaller matting or different layers.

I do a dry mount fitting first. I start by lightly sketching the photo placement onto a plain piece of cardstock and building around the area. Eventually covering all the lines up so I can add the photo once the under layers please me.
Matt the photos before applying them and you will have a fast fun layout done. This one has a pocket to tuck the journaling under.
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Thanks Pinterest for this one
This just cracks me up

Friday, June 19, 2015

Prima Wooden Dolls

Imagine my delight when I opened my package of new
supplies from Scrapendipity and found these little gems.
These Prima Dolls come in a little jar.
 Each one is different and meticulously
 laser cut for stunning detailing.
 I couldn't believe my eyes when I pulled this
beautiful little witch out.
 I thought I would try the brad for her hat
and 'presto!' it fit perfectly.
I dug out the Smootch to carefully color bit of her
and a green band across her hat.
Here is a close up of her on the finished card. I think it will make a fun addition to a fall or Halloween layout.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Thank You - Take What You Need

Give what You Can

I made this some time ago for my 'Happy Place'
Then I decided a smaller one would make a great gift for teachers, doctor or even friends. So, here is a brief prompt for this project:

I will often buy something that is
already made, and change it into something else.
{sale sticker is my favorite motivation}
This project started with an inexpensive canvas
from Michaels.
I didn't want the actual artwork on it, so
I guessoed over it and let it dry
Next I took mod-podge and layered tissue
paper over the entire piece, wrapping it to
the back. Decorate your front with a favorite
quote or the words 'Take What You Need' or
'Give What You Can'
Print out any word that you find inspiring. On the original, I had a 7-Gypsies receipt holder. I used it to attach the words, and made several underneath that can be torn away. Use your imagination, you can use cup holders, string, or metal rings to attach the words.

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