Friday, August 18, 2017

More Rose Quartz

Another 12 x 12 with my sweet darlings
Fun stuff from Pinterest

Friday, August 11, 2017

I Love You I Love You

Prima 'Rose Quartz' Paper pack
I Fussy cut the feathers from this sheet,
alternated with craft feathers and done!
Then searched the stash for some block letters I could give a pink tinge to.
Those are my sweet darlings, where did those babies go?. I Love this photo, I am sure the it was Irelyn's idea to  let baby Gabe use the crayon for lipstick!
Fun photo idea from Pinterest

Friday, August 4, 2017

High Summer and

I haven't been in my 'Happy Place' for any length of time. I hope you all have a terrific long weekend!
So I am  squeezing in this little tip. The two butterfly's are identical pieces. To add a touch of interest, I used stickles as well as a sprinkle of glitter over the top while the stickles were still wet. I find that helps to fill in some of the spaces when you are covering a large area with stickles.
An unfinished project
Started with this die cut
 Folded it all along the lightly marked lines
The reason it is unfinished is because, I can not decide if it should be a fan or an umbrella....
What would you do with it?
Thanks Pinterest and instagram for this idea

Friday, July 28, 2017

Stuffing Fairies

In mason jars!

I used mylar packaging stamped with the mason jar. Then cut it out to use as an overlay. The lids are tuck tape foil.

These are for a trade in my 'Paper Traders' Group. I was going to take the summer off. But, this challenge came up and I am always up for chasing the fae folk! As you can see some were a little big to get in the jars. {NOTE: no actual fairies were harmed in the capture} they have since all been released! 
Something fun to make on a rainy day with your kids. Use magazine parts for the faces if you are artistically challenged like me! Thanks Pinterest for this idea!

Friday, July 21, 2017


We are having such terrific hot days. Most day's I hit the yard by 9:00 am and don't quit until 5:30 or 6:00 pm.I haven't had a lot of time or energy to spend in my happy place. So I decided to share some of the bits and pieces I have been squeezing in. Mostly unfinished projects and idea starters:
Have you played with the Oxide inks yet?
The first thing I do with a new ink is a sample of the color to tag the end of the case for easy viewing. I was excited to learn that these inks show up remarkably  well on dark colors. So, as you can see I used a dark card stock for my label. They also come in a pewter color case, so are easy to differentiate from the regular distress inks at a glance.
 I only have three colors, but had fun trying them out.
From the top "Ombre' {not an oxide}
           Cracked Pistachio-Oxide
      Broken China-Oxide
I was just fooling around without a project in mind. Getting a feel for how they would work and react with water. This is on Chalk board card stock {NOTE: I would use smooth in the future}
I began by just trying to create a loose background with a sun and water. I used the Ombre to emulate sun ray's I will tell you that in my opinion, this ink is more OMMM than BRE! It is suppose to have 3 distinct shades, but seems to just have the one darker orange. I have even tried it on white paper and get the exact same one color smudge.
Anyhow on to the main show. The Oxides did not disappoint! They went on very smooth, blended like a dream too.
For this effect, I just lightly misted the starfish stamp. Then held it in place and when I lifted it, I got a reverse stamp effect that I loved!
Once water is misted over the ink, it really pops on the colored background! This was my FMOFFTD- Fifteen Minutes Of Fun For The Day!
Thanks Pinterest and Pinners everywhere!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Wings II

Continued from previous wing mini tut:
I will often use tissue or napkins in my cutters. I love the wispy whimsical look as well as the gentle texture they provide. With a napkin, if you are feeling fiddly you can separate each cut section into several more layers. Note, with the wings, try to keep the stems together if you choose to do so, otherwise you could end up with a hot mess. Not saying that happened mind you.....
I ran a standard large size paper napkin through the cutter. I was able to cut 3 times. By leaving the napkin folded, each run through gave me 4 complete sets to play with. The top photo uses 3 sets of each feather. 
In order to make a set of matching wings. You are going to want to do a little pre planning. I first cut enough so I had 8 of each feather. Because this is tissue, the emboss shows through all layers quite well. Carefully separate your napkin layers and then do mirror opposite stacks in the order you want to use them. For layering I used double sided tape and cardstock scraps. Tape, layer, tape repeat same process only mirroring each layer so you end up with left and right wings.
Build from the outside largest and work towards the center, where the smallest ones will end up.
this is the exact same set, just oriented differently for a totally unique look. I am not sure what I am going to do with all the wings. But I sure had fun making them!. So happy to have this die in my collection!
Before color above
One of the great things about using tissue is that it can be easily colored with spray. This set are oriented for a more traditional wing look!
After color below
For your viewing pleasure a flashback to 1973
From where you ask? 'Wings' album song - Jets

Friday, July 7, 2017

Go Lightly from the Ledge...Go lightly on the ground

Living in Alberta, Canada, we have in our backyard some of natures most majestic areas. This is one we visited last year. This is 'Crescent Falls' You can go right up to the very edge of the falls cliff. I have to admit seeing them both perched on the edge makes my mothers heart afraid!
For this layout I used the original photo in a scrapbook program and printed the words to this song right on the sheet. 'It Ain't Me Babe' by Bob Dylan 'tm'.
 Then I used glitter stickles over the title. The paper is Kaisercraft, a few feather wings and this was a super fast layout to do.
That is a long way down!!! It was a good day for the three of us!