Friday, September 18, 2020

Stamping around

Stamps can be a little intimidating at times. They take time to color by hand.  Here is a new one that I just had to play with. For instant gratification I chose a colored scrap piece from the odds-n-ends box.
I stamped it in black Memento then emboss with a fine detail black.
Don't you just LOVE that hat?
 Now it can be fussy cut and applied to whatever I want. 
 Here is another one just on music paper. 
I may add a touch of spray, but that will be all.
These are the backs of snail mail envelopes. I picked very sturdy white envelopes to stamp on. I actually stamped on the clean smooth fronts and just did the address on what would typically be the back of them. I hope they still are useable when they reach my mail out friends. 

Aww thanks Pinterest

Friday, September 11, 2020

Smashing Flowers

'End of Summer Smashing Flowers Ritual'
Above is initial smash, below after it has dried overnight.
This is something I like to do occasionally. It is literally smashing flowers. I love the water color effect on paper.
cleaning them up after they are completely dry, glue eraser and fine edge tool to gently scrape
This year it was the Martha Washington Geraniums and a few pansy's. I find Pansy's transfer almost like a photo if you secure and smash just right.  I meant to get to them sooner, as we are fast loosing our summer flowers. Use in mixed media projects, cut apart to use them
 on layouts, tags, cards and notes.
This it the dawg helping me. Note I had to use an actual stone this year....could not for the life of me find a hammer!. You can read about my methods in previous posts HERE and HERE.
HINT: use a good quality heavy art paper. Experiment with fabric as well. Let them dry completely for a few days, then gently exfoliate the remaining bits of foliage.
 A Peony- start in the center and work your smash out concentrically. 

 Pansy on fabric

Pinterest funny! Well, maybe not......

Friday, September 4, 2020


 A few Snarky Traders

Random 2020 Thoughts from Pinterest

Friday, August 21, 2020

A little whitewash in the heat of high Summer

When I want to try something new, but don't want to commit to a large project, I play with an ATC size. These were done with Molding paste and stencils first.
 Then I went in with the waterbase Pigment inks shown with water and a brush. Before they were completely dry, I did a whitewash with white tempera paint. This will still allow me to adhere things easily to the background to finish the cards. The inks are very intense, but mix wonderfully with water.
Meanwhile...back in Alberta

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Thanks to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine

For picking up this layout. Page 111
In the Fall Edition of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine
This is how I made this layout of my Littles.
Where do the Little's Go ?
there is a hidden pullout journal under the main photo.
First up gather some paper in fall colors as well as paints to suit
I used a messy trial and error to color over the carstock until I was happy with the color mash.
Next I used black gesso to stamp leaf groupings on some of the painted paper
The rest I fussy cut out leaves fashioned by hand in a variety of shapes.
The veining was also done free hand.
  Cardstock from stash. NOTES:  All the leaves are hand made. The back grounds were made with  colored cardstock painted over in a random smudge pattern then a layer of Crackle. After the paper was dry,  I did a few mock up leaf shapes traced them on the back and hand cut the large leaves. The leaf veins are hand drawn.  For the smaller leaves, I stamped with a small leaf stamp and fussy cut. The Title was also hand drawn and cut.

Supplies used, but not limited to: 
Julie Nutting mini wooden dolls.
Paper by Mod Scrap.
 MM magnetic tiny alpha stamp.
 Memory Box Die, Le Pen, Sakura India Ink Pen, Faber Castell pittpen,
 Miracle Tole Paint, Claudia Hellmuth acrylic paint,
Ranger Crackle. Thick Cord unknown.
 Leaf stamps unknown. Sookwang double sided tape.

Friday, July 31, 2020

A Gift

Look at this unbelievable Junk Journal that arrived for me. I feel so blessed to have an artist friend to swap with. Gina Goodling sent me this for my JJ themed Steam Punk. Every page is full of intricate details. Fun pull outs and tuck spots.

Gina really went all out far beyond  what the actual call was. Check out the mylar stamping on the left hand photo above. How cool is that with the hanging shrink dinks and tags?
This little darling fairy stamp, because she knows I do so love a good fairy. And the journal needed one!

I feel humbled and grateful to call her a friend.
 You can see more of Gina's wonderful art work

Friday, July 24, 2020

Zoo Crew JAMS

I called these sets of JAMS the Zoo crew.
 The Giraffe's were , first embossed on craft paper. Then fussy cut and made with a hinge to attach to the background base.
 Zebra's above were stamped on a black stripe tissue adhered to a cardstock base. Then fussy cut and hinge mounted to a background. This little herd is still out there, somewhere on the loose.
 That's right, Zebras on a runaway!
These articulate out so the next artist can create a background under the image.
The drinking Zebras are a double sided affair, with the name of each artist on the inside flap of the  hind quarters.
Below is a sample of how a card can arrive. The green random, camo look. Then what I added next. The house, with a door that opens. I placed the name of each artist in the door opening underneath.
It was then sent off to the last artist.  
Celestial background below sent out to make its rounds.
 JAMS: Definition
- J-Just
  A- Add
  M- More
  S- Stuff
The swap  involves 3 swappers.
Each starting person creates a total of 3 ATC size cards to start {see 1-2-3 prompt below}

1.} Person One, #1 the starter, creates 3 backgrounds that are detailed layered and interesting, not just a piece of cut out paper.
Make them on a sturdy base 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 ATC size. {they will be three almost identical}
 Then she signs the back, as artist #1, with her address, what she added
and  mails them all to person/ artist # 2.
2.} Person Two #2 then adds something that is almost identical to the 3 cards, please keep it thoughtful. Then she signs the back with her address, as artist #2 and mails them all off to person/ artist #3 .
3.} Person Three #3 adds something almost identical to all   , then signs with her address and what she added.
Then one finished card is returned to each of 2 previous the players ,
with the third being kept by the last, herself.
{The listed people on the back of the card}
Last person has the option to create 3 new backgrounds for each of her two players to include with the turn around to start the cycle again.