Friday, May 29, 2015

Fun Friday

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My youngest Granddaughter loves shoes. I can't tell you how many times she has shown up with a pair on that are way too big for her little feet. If you read my blog, you will note that I call her littlefoot. This is the reason.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Art Journal Fun

Here is a fun Art Journal idea
Thank You Paper Traders for the wonderful prompts.
Start with a blank page take a low
tack painters tape and design some journal spots
you could do geometric pattern free hand, corners.
I did a irregular oval.
Next design your entire piece over top
and around the tape.
 Remove the tape and write in the spaces
left by the tape.
This is fun to do, you will need a craft mat
Hot glue gun, spray, blank journal page
Free hand a design on your craft mat with the
hot glue. Think, Large flower, free hand, sky's the limit.
Allow it to cool and harden.
Next place it strategically on your paper.
Spray over top, alternating position and protecting
previously sprayed area with paper towel.
Stamp and journal around your designs.
For all your scrapbooking journal needs

Friday, May 15, 2015


 It's time for all the Gypsy hearted to jump in the camper and go!
 Sizzix has a new die that is just perfect
for camping. Instead of the chipboard cut out, I used
poker chips for wheels. Just secure inside with a hot
glue gun before you decorate
I used white glue to secure the  pieces together.
If I do it again. I will use a hot glue gun.
Note I had to adjust the pattern a bit as I
 used a light weight cardboard.
 If you use chipboard you will not have to adjust,
 only assemble the pieces. .
 I used scraps for this project
It needed a little Gypsy banner on the back.
Add some silver yarn to the seams, jewels for lights
Use your imagination, add an awning. 
I ran some metallic paper through
the cuttle bug to give it a bit of texture

 Highlighted the screw ends with a dark marker
I replaced the original chipboard hitch cutout with
the ends from cheap foam brushes. Note the circle
placement marks on the front of the camper. I used
the end of a regular pin to secure the 'ball' to the arms.
These are from Prima sold as door knobs.
 Clip the closure end off of your pin.
Double back the ends with a pair of pliers leaving
them slightly larger than the opening. Push them into the
opening where the foam brush formerly was. 
 Cover all pieces with embossing fluid, I used a
silver to replicate that old chrome look.
NOTE: The metal ball holds the heat so set it
aside to cool down before handling.
Carefully score the hole with a blade in X or* fashion.
Test gently till the ends of your hitch poles
will slide inside with just a bit of resistance.
Have fun. This Retro Camper / Gypsy Caravan
is a fun project. You could use a simpler version
for party favors or ramp it up for the kids to play with.
a fantastic kids party craft.
Just pre assemble the shell and have them decorate
With  a selection of precut fun papers 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Prima Canvas book tutorial

I started with the Donna Downey Prima Canvas and clear inset pages album. It has 5 double sided stitched canvas pages as well as 5 clear protective pages. They each have two heavy duty grommets and are stitched along the edges. It comes with the spine ribbon, but could easily accommodate binder rings.
Open and separate your album. Working on a craft mat 

gesso the outside cover I tend t use long interrupted not to wishy washy patterned. 
 On the inside pages I dug out the templates
 Its okay if the image is just an illusion, at this point I was only building a background
Next add a dab of water soluble ink over your gesso. Spritz with water to aid in getting it to flow. Brush over and around previous gesso area. 
Ink the outside and inside edges of the album

the great part about painting over gesso is you can use a baby wipe or damp cloth to remove or lighten painted areas. Allow to dry overnight.
Finished cover and spine
I might add a Title to the spine
 Here are the page by page. To read the journal in full you can find it HERE. It has taken me quite a long time to scrapbook this story.
If you read it you will know why.

Check your upstairs windows if you have small children. They should have a small latch you can pop up to stop the window from opening big enough for a child to fall out of. Stay safe this Long Weekend and yield to the urgency of someone you don't know.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Meanwhile ......

Back at the Pond
There they are in early spring, the air is fresh, lots to eat out for a waddle together
 The first glimpses
 of the little quackers
 I could see there were many more but,
 Didn't dare get out of the car, the Gander was getting ready to attack
While the Goose hustled them back to the pond
 These just floored me
 I counted up to 22
 But I am certain there were more in the
dip of the ditch
I scrapbooked the height of this little duck walk
 family when they were in full numbers.
Time goes on....they continue to walk them, but their numbers have dwindled drastically. Several times I had to stop for the ever
decreasing brood to cross the road.
Or as I prefer to call this "Bad Duck Parenting"

This was the last I saw of them 4 left.
The soon to be 'empty nesters' 
Well they did have their beaks full at the start!!

Sharing notes on the scrapbooked
page with Scrapendipity