Friday, October 2, 2015

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Okay, I am lying and kind of a witch....but this really is the story of the Wardrobe.
This wardrobe started with this beautiful little tag pack from Prima. So many colors to choose from.
I know they are tags but, I couldn't resist! I used two tags to make this cupboard.
I took some time to think about how I wanted it to open and function.
 Cut the basic shape out of chipboard then wallpapered it inside as well as out.
 The drawers both open, if you make one, calculate the drawer parts to be a few millimeters smaller than the finished opening.

 I added a hanging bar to the inside. A tip about the doors, I used a strip of cotton ribbon, glued to the inside hinge edge before I papered the inside. this allows it to open and close without cracking 
Cameo embellishment to the side, Tim Holtz grunge hinges. These are great to work with because they bend without breaking. Tim's paints also were a perfect match to touch up the back and corners to blend in.
 You will have to come back next Friday to see what I hang inside.
Supplies by Scrapendipity


Friday, September 18, 2015

Autumn Graphic 45 Banner

Fall is definitely in the air. What better way to spend a bit of time making a banner? I used the 12 x 12 set of 'Rare Oddities' by Graphic 45.
If you are like me, and LOVE Graphic 45, check out this month's Challenge. I am entering this banner in the September Call.
 It is always difficult to photograph a banner
Before the computer makers took away my ability to load my camera card directly to my photos, I would have used the 'good' camera.
 As things are,
these are just cell phone shots.

They look great on the small screen, but unfortunately

do not blow up well. Trust me when I tell you this was well worth all the fussy cutting and foam sticky stacking
Graphic 45 paper is so sturdy, you don't need to back the entire piece with chipboard. I just reinforced the top edge with a thin strip of chip board, so the twine couldn't pull through when I hung it up.
 Cut the letters with the Cricut Halloween cartridge in two coordinating colors. Then I stickled around the inner edge for a bit of sparkle
This is just a little black box made from cardstock and then embellished around the edge. The books are cut from one piece and rounded over a knitting needle to make them 3-D-ish
I love digging into the stash to find just the perfect ribbon bits. This is hung with twine, and attached to burlap ribbon {sale bin last fall} and some ribbon. I simply did a loose knot between each panel and then ran the ribbon through each knot.

Have a Great Weekend
Sharing with Scrapendipity Girls
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall color Journal Page

This is the finished journal page based on a prompt from 'The Paper Traders' group I belong to. We are working on a  year long journal project. We create based on a monthly prompt.
This months prompt is to use a Gelli print as the background and the number 8.
 This is the Gelli I started with. I did a quick background using purple, yellow, red, and pink craft paint. I daubed it on the plate, added some water and brayered it carefully. Because it is part of my journal book. I had to lay it carefully over the inked plate and then press. I moved it around and brayered the edges to get a  complete cover.
 Then dried it with the heat gun.
It was too heavy on the orange shades, so I daubed brown and black then grabbed some texture making bits. {the inside of a turtles chocolate box, separated, and a pear Styrofoam piece.
Brayer the ink on your craft mat, then brayer it onto the texture bits.
I just kept inking and brayering until I was satisfied with the background. It took me longer to clean up the paints than it did to make this background. Fast and colorful.
 This is how it looked before I decorated it with my journaling and other bits. I really wanted to add some autumn leaves, but couldn't find any I liked in the stash. that's how the fairy ended up on it. She was a test I did on a scrap of photo paper. Just a swipe of orange ink and she matched the rest of the page. 
You can also read a bit about my before I bought a Gelli Plate Home Made results HERE- Nailed IT

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Thank You Canadian Scrapbooker

     For publishing my Layout in the Fall 2015 issue. Page '59' YEAH!!
 Here is the tutorial on how I did the shaped journal.
I was torn between songs but chose "Romeo and Juliet' by Mark Knofpler
over the  "Pina Colada" by Ruper Holmes
I used bits of fabric scraps and a broken shell necklace. The tiny bottle is decorated with antique dictionary paper
The things you can do with Score-Pal Adhesive Tape I wanted to add a feeling of movement to this piece. To do that I first printed the lyrics to a favorite song. Note: I always center the lyrics so it looks like a poem. Then ink the edges to match your  paper choice
Now, carefully cut under each line of the song leaving a small border along the entire left and right  sides, running vertical to your piece.
Then flip it over, using the smallest Score tape
alternate covering every other line until it is
completely covered with tape as shown below.
Then take a 1/2' tape and do the vertical edges making sure you do not have a lot of white space under the tape when you  flip it back to the front
Working in about a 6 to ten line piece
cut one grouping off. Remove only the
long lines of tape - your piece will be held
together by the edge tapes. Carefully position where you would like it to be smooth down the taped lines. Now carefully cut the side pieces, remove the tape backing and push in towards center, pop it slightly. Work down one side at  a time It is quite easy once you get on to it.
Note: I used a piece of rigid mesh to keep the shaped journal popped.

Fall 2015 issue Thank You CS
Products Used or Suggested:
Paper House, Glossy Accents
Scor-Pal Adhesive Tapes

Friday, August 21, 2015

Shrinky Dink

I don't make up the names, I just play with the product LOL.
 I thought it was time to dig out the shrinky dink mylar. If you have never played with this stuff, it is always a good time. Here is how its done.
First assemble your supplies:
-Shrinky Dink Plastic
-StayzOn ink black or dark color
-3 or 4 inch stamp
-Copic or permanent markers
- tweezers or needle nose type plier
NOTE: you will want to work on a Heat proof Craft mat
as well as use a high temp heat gun.
1.} Choose a stamp you want to use that will leave you with some spaces to color. I used this butterfly fairy. Pick a stamp at least 3 or 4 times larger than you want it to turn out.
2.} Stamp your image onto the shrink dink plastic using StazOn ink {you want a solvent ink, not a water activated ink} Use your Mylar wisely by positioning your stamp in the corner and working over, you can also cut it with any regular cutting machine and die.
3.} Carefully cut around your image, try to keep your fingers off the ink, it is permanent, but can still move or smear a bit. If you are using a stamp and die set, cut first and stamp second.
4.} PUNCH A HOLE OR TWO FOR HANGING this is a key step, do not skip this step
5.} Color your image
Note: I colored the lightest detail color using Copic markers on the inked side. Then flip it over to cover large area on he back of the piece. This way you do not have to worry about removing your stamped image. I also used black to outline the cut edge of the shape.
Now place on heat proof surface, position your pliers so they are secured in the center of your punched holes. Holding it securely down, hit it with the high temp on your heat gun. Don't panic when it starts to curl and move, keep the heat on it moving it around. It will lay down as it shrinks.
This is the after along side the before
I am building charms for a swap, so made a few in different colors. The copic colors were lighter shades. They darken up as the plastic shrinks.
Have fun!! Sharing with Scrapendipity girls.


Friday, August 14, 2015

Vintage photo Layout

Another find, this was laying in a basket of
forgotten things at the farm.
Mom said I could take it. Usually I just borrow them to photograph and return the originals.
This is the digital manipulation copy back to the black and white that the original print would have been.
 It is a photo of my Dad on one of his very first investment horses "Queen".  She was a registered quarter horse. He is very young here,
 maybe 20 or 21 at the oldest.
Years of laying under glass in a shed has turned it a lovely red and crème patina. I decided to scrapbook the original. Something I seldom do. But, really it is safer on a layout than back in another stack of forgotten photos.
 Note: I did not glue it to the background, but opted for clear photo corners to preserve the integrity of the original. It does have a printers mark on the back in very faded red ink.
Bo Bunny Heritage paper pack was all the perfect shades of patina to showcase this treasure. 

Friday, August 7, 2015


A Boy Page!!
 His first board
 Don't forget to do some close up shots
when you are photographing
Some photos don't need a journal, they speak volumes all by themselves.
Paper supplied by Scrapendipity online store

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