Friday, July 15, 2016

Beautiful Jazzy

To make the rail across the bottom I cut a piece of chip board. Then cut a paper 'board' to fit the strip. Glued it on, trimmed it, sanded the edges. Then used the Distress stain to blend and make a faux wood strip. I used distress ink and stain for the pegs as well.

Friday, July 8, 2016


 Mixed media Sunflower. Created a background layering different bits of tissue paper. Drew some loose sunflower shapes. Cut burlap {very messy} soaked the pieces in clear gesso and arranged them. Colored with different inks and glitter paints from the stash {sigh missing the tattered angel days} Took a couple of days to dry, but, in this heat it was not a problem.
I always dream
and....brought to you by 'Pinterest'
in the mean time to make me feel better...

Friday, June 24, 2016

Fun Fast Tutorial

I am involved in a group that swaps paper, we are the 'Paper Traders'. This is  a sample Rolodex card I made for my swap partner. The theme is June / Weddings / Start of summer. I needed something to add a bit of bling.

From out of the scrap box I pulled this border I had cut as a sample and never used. It was white, so perfect. Now for the bling.
1.} Lay your cut border out on a craft mat
2.} Take the lid off your Goosebumps and spread a thick layer over everything.       Fill in the gaps as well. This might take several passes.
3.}  While it is still wet, sprinkle generously with a glitter of your choice.Check occasionally while it is drying to make sure the edges of your border stay flat  on the mat.
4.} Allow it  to dry thoroughly.  I was worried it would take an overnight dry. But amazingly the 'goosebumps' dried very quickly.{I did use a heat gun on low to make sure it was dry}

I carefully peeled it off the mat, trimmed the edges up and glued it to my Rolodex creation.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Jewel Box with Prima- finished

I lined the top sectioned case with paper, The bits are samples from the Ephemera pack and wooden laser cuts that matches this paper. Just full of good things
as well as the drawer {this will house a mini beach book} 
Added some cord and baubles to the case. There is plenty of room for all the little bits I tend to gather here and there.
See previous beginnings for this box HERE
Thanks Pinterest, fun beach contortionist photo idea.
..note you will need two children or adults to pull this one off!!
-No children were actually bent like pretzels to take this photo!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Already

 Summer time and the living is easy....
I wish, not at Grandma's house.
Our oldest Granddaughter is graduating in two weeks.
Where does the time go?.
I apologize slightly for not having the little box finished yet. But, in my defense. I am fixing this dress up for our girl so it will fit her. She is a tiny little sparrow. The smallest dress we could order was a 2. I had to take this dress down to about a minus 2, and remove 5 inches of length. It took a full hour just to stitch one layer of a 5 layered hemline! It has been a job I will tell you. Love this Girl So Much!!
On the scrapbooker side, look at those colors! I can just barely wait to scrapbook these photos. As well as the ones when she has her hair and makeup all done for the big day. We are very proud of our Girl.
I am thinking Mermaid Tails line by 'Kaiser'.....
Janis Joplin- Summertime

Friday, June 3, 2016

Jewel Box with Prima's French Riviera

With the sun shining I am outside the majority of my days. Truth be told work myself stupid. I squeeze in a little crafting when I can. This is another beginning sample. 
I took a plain unpainted MDF jewel box. I had pre-painted it with left over paint from a previous project. You could easily use Gesso as a base, or skip the painting until later.
Next I carefully measured and planned what paper I wanted to use. Note, with a bit of planning, the papers all match up.
Check back next Friday to see the finished box!
The paper line I am using is 'French Riviera' by Prima.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Dream Big

Bo Bunny Dream Big Banner is finished!


 After all the fussy cutting dried, I searched out some real scrabble letters to use, as well as scraps of lace from Prima as well as the stash.

For ease of assembly I just stapled elements on. Very fast and works just fine. I dug out the rosette dye folded some quick trims up.
 Had to hang it on the wall to photograph. Might add some more ribbons and bits to it yet. This was a fun project with beautiful papers.

Thanks Pinterest for the funnies