Friday, March 27, 2015

Canvas lettering tutorial

Lets have a little fun with an
inexpensive resist technique
~Assemble your supplies:
~A theme and a quote for your project
~Art Canvas or heavy paper
~Gesso White
~School quality white glue
~Faber Castell color sticks
~Water Pen
~Misting Bottle
~Glimmer Mist spray or similar product
 in Blue, Gold / Yellow Brown / Sand
Begin by prepping your canvas or paper with a healthy layer of Gesso. Let it dry completely {over night is best} I lightly sketched my lettering with a pencil. Then carefully over draw your letters with white glue. {the lettering will have to be larger than a normal lettering} This layer will also have to dry over night. If I do this again, I will try to free hand the glue because you can still see the pencil when it is dry.
Use your Faber color sticks to create a background. I started with a pile of stones in one corner. The stones are from a tissue that
I separated and mod-podged into the corner.
Scribble your colors on, when you are happy with placement apply a fine mist and allow the water to start blending the layers
Use a different brush for every
color to blend your canvas
 Use a heat gun to aid the drying time. At this point I added some mists in coordinating colors to give the piece some shimmer
While I was waiting for things to dry, I worked on the mermaid. I stamped her then cut close to the edges. Added Fragments of mica on top of a heavy layer of white glue. I moved the bits around with  the tip of a paper clip.
 This too had to dry over night. Then I quickly filled in her  body with copic color pens.
Once the canvas was dry, I picked the glue off of the lettering. It may take a bit of time,
but I love how it turned out.

Made a fish net with hemp string and simple knots
Sharing this tutorial with the

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lets Get Sketchy

Design Team Call
I am going to tip my hat into 
 this ring of talented ladies
This call is open till all the spots
 are full or until April 8, 2015.
I will base my layout on one of these
 sketches fingers crossed for luck!
Click Here to read all the details

Friday, March 20, 2015

Raptor Alert

Time for some fun with the Scrapendipity girls
Meet my sweet grandson,
he is three in this photo
I wanted to echo the Raptor print in my layout. So I grabbed what was at hand, and it just happened to be a white eraser. I sketched the print in pencil
 Then I carefully carved around it with my blade
I spread some moulding paste, and allowed it to get slightly dry to the touch. Then I gently pressed the 30-D stamp into the paste
 I was well enough pleased with the end results. I used alcohol ink to shade the impressions. Make sure you leave this to dry over night before mounting.
This is the hidden journal that sits behind the frame
Notes: I used the cuttle bug with metallic paper to emboss the frame. With a bit of fussy cutting I left just the tip of his shoe out in the top corner for fun.


Sunday, March 15, 2015


verb: Just made this word up
means the same a catastrophe,
but involves said shed......
synonym...'shed happens'
This is what I discovered this morning after the big wind yesterday....
If you look a the lower edge you can just see the power line that it is resting on.
Long view looks like the shed is resting on it.
Going to investigate further....
Cocoa the Ponkey comes to help...
well truth is she hates me
and always tries to kick me...
The barn corner you can see that the guy
wire is broken and only the actual
 electrical wire is supporting the weight.
or so it appeared,
 but I think this post and wire on the back side
 stopped it from snapping the cable.
This is what was in said shed before the 'naider
Poor little garden tiller on its side...wheels twisted, was the only thing that tried to stop it from flipping. May or may not have lifted the seat off the quad. And yes the shed was anchored.
 But the wind was huge. Shed is still on its side, but re secured and still skewered by the post. That's a bigger job than Rhiannon and I can do together. Everything newly exposed is now tarped.
I think Pony would have tried to help,
 but he was hungry.....

 Thanks to George, my life line...who assured me I had done all the proper steps before fooling with the electrical cables. Its all free and clear now. Shed will need help to get it off the fence post, but at least its off the wire.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Tutorial Dylusions

I am sharing this with Scrapendipity Blog today. You should pop on over for some shopping on line or  if you live in the Calgary area, you can shop in the
'Little Green Machine'
The first thing to do is assemble your supplies:
~Large cover for your working / spraying surface area
~Heavy water color or artist paper
~Dylusion spray in your color choice's I used 4 two yellows, a blue and a green
~Background mask template and texture template
~various stamps for your background
~a roll of inexpensive paper towel
~water spritz bottle
~Heat gun
~Black Gesso or ink for stamping


~Step one spray your background with alternating different layers of  color
~Dry your piece, either with a heat gun or by rolling the paper towel across the surface.
~Now comes the fun part, take your background I used the 'aspens' template.
holding it away from your project give it a good all over spritz of water
~ Now lay it carefully, but firmly over your background.
~Take a patient, you can gently smooth it down so that the water
covered plastic makes contact with your background.
~Gently remove the template roll your paper towel over the surface and as it dry's you will see the template impression come to life
~As your paper towel saturates, just peel off the layers.
~Next  I lay the  texture template over random areas of background. Spritzed with water....waited a minute to  start to ligten up, Rolled the paper towel over the entire wet area, removed it and dried it thoroughly
~Now for some stamping fun, I used a black Gesso with a sponge to spread it over the stamp. You have to work fairly quickly
~So,it is useful to preplan where you want your stamps to end up
 ~I cut a blank template the size of the photo I was using so I could position the cracked plaster stamp around the edges without getting paint on the photo
~NOTE: wash your stamps immediately so the gesso does not harden in them
 I like to play with this type of 'art journal' background creating.
I really helps get my Mo-Jo going
Here is the finished piece

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Dear

A couple of songs for you to enjoy.....
This one for here
and to hear the words you will be home....
This one for laughs......Click Here
Who loves you best?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Canadian Scrapbooker Spring 2015

Just hit the mailbox and....
Mylayout is on page 50
This LO was based on the call out to create something using the 'Group of Seven' as inspiration. They were a group of artist that saw 'Art' just a little differently. Kind of like us paper players. This is a very old photo circa 1970? of my fathers cook tent. He was a man of the mountains one of a kind. Those real cowboys are  almost all gone now.
Thank You Canadian Scrapbooker. This  issue is just full of inspiration, just what we need, its been a loooong cold winter.