Friday, January 11, 2019

Winter Stag in Birch Forest

Who doesn't love a stark birch tree in the winter time?. I have had my eye out for a birch stamp for a while now. I final found one that was not tiny and this is what I decided to make. They were a layering process. The first thing I did was to stamp the birch trees on many different types of paper and fussy cut the in between tree parts out {noted below each photo}  
This was initially stamped on an old gift bag that was silver white glitter. To prep the bag, I removed some of the paper backing using just water and rolling it off. Next I stamped using stazon black ink.I had to go back in and retouch most of it with a permanent fine tip pen. The glitter seems to absorb the ink.
Then I mounted it to my background which is just a Christmas wrap scrap secured to sturdy cardstock. Finally I added in a few torn pieces of gift bag and the diecut stag and deer
This one was stamped directly on background paper. Metallic white card stock paper. I defined the trees with a chalk marker and went over it with black liner

Add stag and deer cut from heavy weight shimmer paper as well
Above stamped onto blue cardstock, highlighted with chalk and touched up with black. Fussy cut out forest, mounted on more blue, and glitter scraps as well.
This background is Christmas wrap as well. One solid piece mounted to firm background. Fussy cut and add in more trees. Stag is a decorative ribbon cut out. Note: Glue the image from the ribbon to a card stock base before fussy cutting.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Recycled and scrap bits

Do you ever look at the bits and scraps you save and think...I should make something?. Well that was the inspiration for these 4 x 4 cards.
I tend to hang onto scraps and interesting things I find. Christmas wrapping paper is a difficult one for me. I love so many of those patterns.
Above is the backing from a fancy sticker. I used it as the template to spray, then Tucked the colored bits in the bottom layer of the cards.


I picked up the overspray with the edges of the card stock that will line the back of these cards.  They are for trading in our IO paper traders art group HERE
Some of the things and sources used on these cards:

Because the Cats know....

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Bo Bunny Banner Year Planner

 Bo Bunny Banner Year. See details below
After stamping addition below
The spine was made with a sturdy cardstock cut as the same width as your book. Scored at 1/2" - 1/2"- 1/4" repeat, you may have to piece two strips together to do your entire 12 pages with covers. Once you have enough scored, fold with a folding tool. Then secure the 1/2 inch measurements back to back. You will secure the spine as you go between the chipboard base and the wallpaper base.
To make your pages cut 13 chipboard pieces at 6" x 6" Secure one piece to each spine carefully to form the book base.
This is the detail of each 'background page'
NOTE: the top flap on the left hand side and the side flap on the right.
You will make these flaps out of the same cardstock as your background page covering.
For each month you will need 2 sheets of 8-1/2 x 11
               NOTE: This size works best as you will have left over pieces to                       use as matting for photos or inserts
Cut two @ 6" x 6" or to fit each page at full coverage
Cut two flaps:
   one @ 1" x 5 score at 1/2 " fold
   one @ 1" x 4-1/2 score at 1/2 " fold
Cut two @ approximately 7" x 2-1/2"
Score along sides and bottom at 1/2" This will form the pockets along the bottom of each page.
Trim your pocket corners so when you close them they will lay flatter.
Secure one to each side on the bottom. You may have to adjust the fit on one side to have them fit perfectly.
Each month has an identical sheet of cut outs.
Cut them completely apart.
Ink all edges of each piece before gluing down.
Journaling attaches to flap on top left, month to flap on right hand side.
Tag detail. cut one slightly bigger of background paper and one slightly smaller of white or crème paper. Assemble as one unit, journal, special note, quotes on the inside of tag.
Above is the plain shot. To dress them up a bit, find a stamp you like and stamp away. This is just a background, you will be adding in your month by month details later. You can add in photos under each flap. Really make it your own.
After above
Before below

Use little bits to make a matchbook tuck in.
Continue with the same basic process for all months
Each month will have an extra journal card I created with a stamp. This way you can make note of your special dates to  remember. they are stamped both sides for a total of 32 lines. This will certainly cover each day of the month.


Don't forget to consider the back sides of this gorgeous paper in case you like it better.
 More inner details to come. I think I will use this as a month in review for 2019. I will add stories, notes and photos to each month.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Spicks and Specks

Decorating some key's for fun and trading. They are not done yet. I can't decide if I am going to add the 'shrinky dink' fairies or not as a charm.
Update, card and finished key, Ready to mail out.


I received another package from Scrapendipity. 
These die are seriously die-lightful!
Stay tuned because, next week I will have a little something for the New Year I am working on.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Whats in the Box?

This is the season for boxing stuff up and gifting. Because I am a scrapbooker, paper manipulator, I usually do a few gifts by hand.

So, what is in this box?
 I made it pretty all around. I kept the top flat so it can be easily stored.
There it is! It opens up to 4 mini albums
 Each of the 4 big sides is removable for easy viewing of the albums.
See my process and details below.

I  want to say, I saw this idea a long long time ago and adapted it to my own style. I give credit to 'Laurie' sorry I do not have a link or blog name to that post {lost it several computer changes ago}. I loved her 'inside - outside the box' thinking.

I am a sewer. So often my preplanning resembles a sewing pattern. I am putting this up as a sample of how I work only. I used a 12 x 12 inch paper as a template, all details sketched in and then translated to the chipboard with a ruler. Always do a test piece and dry fit before your final cutting and assemblage.  

TEMPLATE- cut 4 total before you assemble, 2 from chipboard and 2 from your decorative background paper {slightly bigger all the way around}
This is the chipboard cut for the base as well as the lid. NOTE: the lid has to be slightly larger all the way around to allow for ease of closing.
Score the fold lines slightly with a cutter for a crisp fold.
Reinforce all the creases with a thin liner. I used strips of express post mailer. It is very tough, but also thin enough to be unobtrusive.
Fit, glue, clip till dry.

In addition, I used a rigid waistband tape {from the sewing stash} to reinforce the lower box edge. It is glued and stapled in place on the outside.

Use a ruler,

Here is the box assembled before trimming and adding decorative ribbon. I used a solid base shimmer paper, then detailed with decorative after.
Use coordinating card stock to make the tiny album insets they are approximately 5 x 4-1/2 inches each. Ink all edges and decorate with stamps and paper bits before assemblage.

 Each of the 4 sides slide up and out
Detail of corner work.
NOTE: Between the secured smaller edges the sandwich will be Outside chipboard, covered outside, then 2 small center strips then inside chipboard covered slightly smaller than outside. Secured into the base in the corners.
Inside of album board is decorated, then ribbons holes are punched and  threaded through before the outside is decorated. NOTE: Keep the punch holes about 1/2 inch from top edge to allow the album to fit.
I will tell you that this took about 5 good crafting sittings to finish. I am going to fill it with photos of the kids, grand's and great-grandkids, for my Mother for Christmas. There is even lots of room to tuck an extra gift of some kind inside.
- Chipboard 12 x 12 @4
- Liquid quick grab glue
- Office paper clips for holding
- Ruler for accurate measuring
- Regular size Stapler
- Ribbons and such for trimming
- Ink to match the paper line, 'Dark Blue'
- Stamps for journaling or decorating.