Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Fairy Tale

It is an ongoing personal mission to discover the
 Fae folk. Every once in a while I find them.
"A lock of baby's hair,
Shells from an ocean far away
sprinkles of fairy dust in the air.
The key to a broken heart
 Some trinkets lost and found,
 and there is magic in the air"

'Once Upon a Springtime' Graphic 45 re release
Just a lot of fussy cutting
 Tiny Bottle by Tim Holtz
A wine charm and bits from the stash
And here is a Fae Folk hiding place

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Mini book

front cover 

I used the bits to fill in these pages as well
as tags for bits of info or more photos
note the pocket rimmed with the beautiful
prima sequin trim
back page ribbons and flowers from the stash
'Always check your stash for bits that will
fit your color scheme'

No photos mostly because I can't decide if I want to put travel, my ancestors  or some of my junking photos. Probably ancestors. What type of photo would you fill this little book with?
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 supplies check out Scrapendipity


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lets Get Sketchy April challenge

I dug deep into the stash for this one.
Re used some packaging for clock emboss
in top right hand corner and stop watch from
G 45 in lower left packaging. It's hard to see,
but the face is covered in liquid crystal .
My layout is based on top sketch
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Monday, April 13, 2015


For supplies and hints about this layout

Little Foot baking at Grandma's She sure
has a natural ability when it comes to
anything decorative or crafty. And just
so we are clear, when asked what to do
if the Zombie's come? She said, without
batting an eye or pausing.....
"Shoot them in the Head"
Love this little girl 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rainbow Heart Cake

Look at this wonderful Pinterest creation, I watch the video and say to my self..."Self, you can do that" ~NAILED IT !!~
Rhiannon made the rainbow inside, this took many bowls to color and a complicated process of layering it out. Looks promising, I am excited at this point, four boxes of cake mix and almost a dozen eggs down. I cut them into hearts.....too large as it were. Freeze them, carefully precook a base, then stack them in.
 Fill in the rest of the batter.
Watch the video link above, I followed the directions
This is after about an hour and  fifteen minutes baking. It looks a lovely golden brown....I turn it upside down to help loosen it from the sides. Suddenly I notice it flaking and falling.....
Alas, the inside is raw, very raw, so back in the oven for another hour.
This is the sliced view, still kinda gooey around the edges, But if you squint you can see the lovely heart shape that should be encased with white cake.
These are the cupcakes, I haven't cut into them, I am hoping they are okay in the center. LOL. Thank You Pinterest, for the lovely inspiring pictures,
 I have learned this lesson well.
 Leave the clever baking to the pros LOL
Looks like Cheese Cake for dessert again!!
And for Joanne.....Just when I thought it was a goner, this pops off the side. Don't worry, I will keep you updated once it blooms. LOL


Friday, March 27, 2015

Canvas lettering tutorial

Lets have a little fun with an
inexpensive resist technique
~Assemble your supplies:
~A theme and a quote for your project
~Art Canvas or heavy paper
~Gesso White
~School quality white glue
~Faber Castell color sticks
~Water Pen
~Misting Bottle
~Glimmer Mist spray or similar product
 in Blue, Gold / Yellow Brown / Sand
Begin by prepping your canvas or paper with a healthy layer of Gesso. Let it dry completely {over night is best} I lightly sketched my lettering with a pencil. Then carefully over draw your letters with white glue. {the lettering will have to be larger than a normal lettering} This layer will also have to dry over night. If I do this again, I will try to free hand the glue because you can still see the pencil when it is dry.
Use your Faber color sticks to create a background. I started with a pile of stones in one corner. The stones are from a tissue that
I separated and mod-podged into the corner.
Scribble your colors on, when you are happy with placement apply a fine mist and allow the water to start blending the layers
Use a different brush for every
color to blend your canvas
 Use a heat gun to aid the drying time. At this point I added some mists in coordinating colors to give the piece some shimmer
While I was waiting for things to dry, I worked on the mermaid. I stamped her then cut close to the edges. Added Fragments of mica on top of a heavy layer of white glue. I moved the bits around with  the tip of a paper clip.
 This too had to dry over night. Then I quickly filled in her  body with copic color pens.
Once the canvas was dry, I picked the glue off of the lettering. It may take a bit of time,
but I love how it turned out.

Made a fish net with hemp string and simple knots
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Raptor Alert

Time for some fun with the Scrapendipity girls
Meet my sweet grandson,
he is three in this photo
I wanted to echo the Raptor print in my layout. So I grabbed what was at hand, and it just happened to be a white eraser. I sketched the print in pencil
 Then I carefully carved around it with my blade
I spread some moulding paste, and allowed it to get slightly dry to the touch. Then I gently pressed the 30-D stamp into the paste
 I was well enough pleased with the end results. I used alcohol ink to shade the impressions. Make sure you leave this to dry over night before mounting.
This is the hidden journal that sits behind the frame
Notes: I used the cuttle bug with metallic paper to emboss the frame. With a bit of fussy cutting I left just the tip of his shoe out in the top corner for fun.