Thursday, April 17, 2014


you decide.....
When I was a kid my mother embarked on a  spring cleaning mission every year. This would involve buckets of soapy water and much 'elbow grease'. Both my parents were smokers, so as you cleaned the ceilings and walls, you could see the white come through the yellow nicotine stains. I do know we didn't have a lot of clutter or stuff like that plaguing the tidiness. No, it was just mostly a deep clean, light fixtures, walls, windows, ceiling and floors washed and waxed. We only had one bathroom, but, that is a whole other story. With as many as 12 kids in the house, there were no extras, and things just got all used up before they got too old to use. Dishes were always done, because if you didn't do them, there would be nothing to eat off of for the next meal. Dinner time alone was a production.  Its time to show you my 'dirty little secrets'  Having recently been inspired by  Bloggers and Pinterest pins about getting the clutter out. I Googled Spring cleaning and learned about 40 bags in 40 days. I am a late joiner and never did find the original poster for that one?

I decided to tackle the baking cupboard first. 
I started unloading it before I took the first photo
 this is some of what was on the shelves
Note the garbage bags for expired things

The condensed milk is my favourite,
 some from 2008...I know shamed...
I only use it at Christmas time to bake and suffer apparently from the delusion that I am always out of condensed milk......The different labels should have been my first clue. How often does a manufacturer change their label?
I thought the cocoa stash would be the worst..
.....Not so my friend
Turned out I am way more addicted to the idea that I will run out of Vanilla X-tract. Well in my defense, 
"I LOVE VANILLA" Even made my own to give away a couple of Christmas's ago. Read about that HERE
Two hours later, here is the finished cupboard, ready for me to do some Easter baking. I only got rid of the oldest vanilla, and very little of the chocolate. {The truth about the old vanilla....I poured it all into one jar and set it, open, on a window ledge to evaporate as a pleasant scent...spoken like a true hoarder or a thrifty tosser?} I'll be using the cocoa. Then I pulled things to the front for ease of use. I will share my next 'Walk of Shame' or 'It Hurts to Let Go' and encourage you to do the same. What will you tackle first? This is probably the least shameful area of our house......stay tuned for when I hit the big 'hoard'...
.I meant to say, other problem areas.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SPRING Journal Page

This stamp set went into my cart the second it hit the store. Love the Tim Man!! That Audubon Egg is to die for. With Easter just around the corner, it is perfect. Today I am showing you an easy walk through, I am doing a journal page, however it will work just as well for a tag, or a layout, depending on what size stamp you buy. This sample uses the larger stamp set.
Assemble your working tools, Stamp set, Dylusions journal blank book, {it comes in large or small} Dylusions ink white and light blue, embossing glue, black or brown embossing powder, mica flakes, craft mat, heat tool, StazOn ink, Faber Castell India ink black pen.
STEP 1.}Play a bit with your bird and nest stamps for position on page. Lightly sketch a tree branch for the bird to perch on as well as the nest. Note: If I was doing this on a tag or a layout, I would have used an actual tree branch. I didn't use that here because I need the book to close after.
STEP 2.} Emboss your birds and nest in the desired area of your journal page. I used a detail black embossing powder and Distress Embossing powder for the nest.
STEP 3.}Quickly sketch over the branches to make them pop. This is a quick process, you will be adding more layers.
STEP 4.} Spritz white Dylusions in random places, followed by a light blue spray of your choice. Daub it around a bit. Then dry thoroughly with a heat gun.

STEP 5.} Use a mixture of Texture paint, spray, and mica base texturizing embossing powders. Pile it on the your craft mat, and apply with a pallet knife to the tree branch sections of the page. This is a non fussy bit of smearing it around. A light touch on the nest to tie things in.
STEP 6.} Stamp along the edge of your project with the solid egg first {In light blue} then follow wit StazOn in black or brown with the speckled egg. Use the feather with random stamping. Color the birds and feathers lightly with distress inks and your finger.

Last Steps, Look at your page, add a title in or journaling. Fill in large spaces with butterfly stamp or leaf stamp. Have fun, this is a quick easy journal page.


Friday, April 11, 2014

A Breath of Spring

Challenge #12, come and play with us !
This will be the final challenge for this team
stop by and visit them for more inspiration
click HERE for details on a chance to win a terrific prize pack

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Authentique- Those Who Travel

 See more on this layout HERE

 More travel photos from our Arizona trip last winter

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Real Artist

When we travel, we like to find something that is one of a kind. Usually hand made and art related.
Found this beautiful piece of art work at the market we went to in Cuba. It seems to be created on a piece of plywood.  Love this mermaid.
It even has an element of mixed media. I had to barter hard to get it for a good price. I wasn't even sure it would fit in the suitcase. It looks like a test run for various ideas. 
The same artist did the match box. the detail is so intricate and exquisite.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

On the Beach

In Cuba Is Where I'd Rather Be

Happy Anniversary Romeo
It was a  great holiday.....
we've come a long way from that first honeymoon....

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Minds Eye Chalkboard 2

My sweet Baby Gabe. Some Grandmas 'wear army boots', some 'wear ear plugs.'  You always make me laugh with your sense of humour and 
your little boy ways. Who loves you best?
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