Sunday, October 19, 2014

Public Service? or Enabling?

And we all know at one time....
We have thought about hiring this guy!!!
I watch enough CSI type programing to go Deep...Really Deep....

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Apothecary Altered Book....Begins

This is what I have been working on

It takes day's drying time in between layers
 Lots of pre planning and details
 A selection of bottles
 A bit of imagination
Some necessary secret ingredients
A touch of magic
 A cabinet of mysterious collectibles
 The 'Dead Witch Scrolls'
And some 'Highlander Lure'....those who know will know...part of the special chant involves the word....'Seamus' Aye....
 Check back on October 27th to see the full project
 just in time for 'All Hallows Eve'

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Curiousity or Two

 Without actually admitting to the idea that I am adding to my ummm collection of unique things. {or telling you that I had to wrestle it from the hands of a very nice woman I know - You know who you are} Here is the warming bowl.
I  would love any information that anyone might have about this item. Like approximate age? where it might have been used?
The bottom has one word on it 'copper' and you can see the copper coming through. I think it has some sort of silver plate on it.
 The filling spigot doesn't have the cap. It is very heavy in hand. The bowl is permanently attached.
And then there is this interesting little frame. I looks very old to me. Appears to be all joint and groove put together.
The back looks like this, those clasps pivot so it can be opened. Then the canvas backed liner actually splits in half on a hinge?
 Again if anyone has any ideas or has seen these before? I would appreciate any and all feed back. Have a great day. It is these items that keeps me digging through other peoples abandon treasures. LOL Its a sickness.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Tunnel Books and Bit-Strips

 Santanna and her Best friend Alexis since kindergarten. They make 'bit-strips'.These make me laugh out loud and it is amazing how they match up the personalities. Had to scrap book them for sure.

Rhiannon and Santanna, this one just cracks me up, they are so like their mom. Whether they think it or not.

A tunnel book for the 'Paper Traders' group I play with. One is destine for the swap, one is a keeper, Love the Graphic 45 Halloween!
 Front Cover
Tunnel Book Inside
 Back Cover for Dedication
Front Cover
Tunnel Book Inside
 Back Cover for Dedication

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Spicks 'N' Specks

It is almost October! September fairly flew by. Its been a nice overall month, lots of bonus sunshine. I have been very busy tidying the yard,
 getting ready for the big freeze.
The nice thing about having a chauffeur driving me everywhere, is I get to hang my head out the window and take photos.
 {thank you Rhiannon for driving}
You can clearly see the hail dints reflecting off the hood. Yes we took the payout on the car. Interesting that the car was actually worth way more than the personal injury payout offered from the total truck wreck two years ago. Something about that just isn't right when you consider, I still have what look to be permanent bruises on my knees and headaches.  When did things become more valuable than people? 
Recently put in three window wells, under the deck. Thanks to Taryn and Dart for helping. I am no spring chicken.  Now to fix that grade and gravel. I'd like to paint too...but am out of season now...shucks
I did manage to get this antique porcelain  kitchen sink blasted, primed and painted. It is destined to be the 'Art Sink' downstairs. In case you might think I have nothing to do this winter. I'd show an upright shot, but it weighs about 300 lbs.
The potatoes that my sweet grandchildren, Irelyn and Gabe helped plant are about half dug up. Maybe today I'll get that finished. They are small but good.
Had a spectacular 'Pick' at Grandma and Grandpa Mitchell's. Still working on the trailer load of goodies from there. Got them cleaned up. I think the little pot belly stove will go in the playhouse
That door is huge and so heavy. Maybe downstairs with pictures in the glass.
There must be over thirty of the boxes. They are old Alpha and general store crates. I am perusing Pinterest, so many ideas, so little time.  Many are tongue and groove with jointed corners. I have an idea for open storage around the
'art sink' county kitchen style. They may be a little hard to dust, but that isn't my strong point of housekeeping.
I did finally get some decorating done in the little house this year. But, alas no tea time with the children. Maybe next year..... 
That's not everything, when I say I "hit the ground running, and don't stop till I can't do any more" I'm not kidding. I will do a scrapbook post again soon. Will be working on a 'Gallery' link too.
 Maybe another tropical vacation...a girl can dream

Monday, September 15, 2014

Punking a Prima Cowgirl

 I like to play around with the stamps in my collection. Recently I nabbed this one from the 'little green machine' when I was at the 'Airdrie Farmer's Market'
Check out the links to find out how you can shop there too. Grab the 'scrapendipity app' for your phone.
I always start by assembling what I think I am going to use in the project. The stamp, several stamping sheets, one for full body to work on as well as several scraps in different colors,
Choose elements of your stamp to emboss. Cut them out and do a dry fit on your stamped doll pattern.
I chose to do the vest and shoes. I extended the edges of the vest with an embossing pen, then emboss with a metallic powder and cut it out.  You can see in this frame, I have marked off the cowboy hat and will trim skirt, shoulders and such in the following photos. This will help you manipulate her into something other than her original intended form.
You can see where to trim, hat, hair, shoulders, skirt
Now to add a bit of interest to her skin parts. Grab any mesh you have laying around. I believe this is from a garlic sack. It had a small pattern. Next place your doll inside and ink over top, gently keeping the mesh in place.
If you wanted to detail her face with markers that would work too. For this sample it is just a quick inking. Now you can glue your decorative parts on. The skirt is fashioned form a paper doily and trim from the ephemera bag. Be sure to fashion the skirt before you add the vest. Secure them all in place. Trim the lines on her arms and neck with jewels. {this helps disguise the lines} A jewel on her forehead, wings from a Cheery Lynn die, a real peacock feather behind her head and you have a fun piece for a layout or a card.
Many of the items you see used for embellishment are from the 'Ephemera Pack' Each pack is unique, full of one of a kind individual pieces for your mixed media art projects and creations.