Monday, February 23, 2015

Canadian Scrapbooker Spring 2015

Just hit the mailbox and....
Mylayout is on page 50
This LO was based on the call out to create something using the 'Group of Seven' as inspiration. They were a group of artist that saw 'Art' just a little differently. Kind of like us paper players. This is a very old photo circa 1970? of my fathers cook tent. He was a man of the mountains one of a kind. Those real cowboys are  almost all gone now.
Thank You Canadian Scrapbooker. This  issue is just full of inspiration, just what we need, its been a loooong cold winter.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gotta Have Heart

Started this on Valentines Day of course. Well, with drying times and details it has taken much longer than anticipated to get the finished canvas.
Here is a bit of the process to getting it done.
The heart is fashioned from linen ribbon with the wires cut off so it could be frayed easily. The background color was added with gesso and dimensional paints. The heart stencil is a flash back to those wall stencils we use to use to tromp lei the walls. I knew I kept it for a reason. 
I started with a previously poster mounted canvas. It was faded, I tried to remove it, but in the end just secured everything over top of the original.
 Burlap webbing edges are hot glued and stapled down. I frayed the edges first and did some stapling with longer fray thread bits to attach buttons and charms later. Layers of color gesso, lots of glue hot and liquid.
This took longer than overnight to dry
while the center was curing I worked on a small collage of like colored bits to anchor the lower edge. Hung some charms from the stash.
 Trinkets buttons bling secured with heavy body glitter mod podge
Heart topped with eyelash yarn, fabric rose center 
Thank You Melody Ross from Brave Girls Club for offering the Free Valentines project 'The Thing About Love' I used this as a jumping off point for this canvas. If you do not know about Brave girls I encourage you to follow the links and join in. They spread the love everywhere they go and with everything they do, and You Can Too.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines

Dear Romeo
Here we are last summer heading to one of your nieces weddings. Today we are probably not together physically, we seldom are on Valentines Day. 
Certainly you are always on my mind.
Twenty six years coming up soon
9490 plus a few leap year days 
227760 hours
13665600 minutes
819936000 seconds
I have loved you looooooong time now.
 Look how far we've come. We started with just the idea that we could build a life.
 Two fully grown daughters with five gorgeous grandchildren.
 Two younger daughters very much on their way to making their own life.
 Well done I would say.
 You listened to my dreams and answered the things closest to my heart.
Happy Valentines day dear 
today tomorrow and always.
Rhiannon say's to tell you:
"Thanks for not breaking my heart, Ever!
I love you Daddy"  
Santanna Say's to tell you:
"Dad has got me something for Valentine's Day Every year, Even When I was being a little shit. He's loved me more than any boy has ever loved me, and I appreciate everything he's done for us!
 I Love you Daddy!
Those girls of yours are right.
 You are a Hero , and they know it.
Love you Best, Juliette

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sand Collection

"In every outthrust headland,
in every curving beach,
in every grain of sand
there is the story of the earth...."
                 Rachel Carson
 Finally tagged all the 'fairy dust' that I have
collected from wherever I go
Thank you Steve for all those times you pulled over so I could dash out into the hillside and collect a sample.
They reside in the 'sand and sea' spare room. It was formerly my happy place. But, I outgrew the space and turned it back into a bedroom. I may move my sewing stuff back to this room. I love the colors and the aura of it.
The people who love me also bring
me sand from their travels.
 This is actually Ash from Mt St Helen's
when it erupted in 1980
 My uncle was living in BC at the time and collected it off of a surface where it had settled. This tells me the collecting thing is probably a familial gene
 I found it in the old pack shed last year. They were going to push it in. I consider this to be one of the finer bits in the collection. It numbers over 35 jars so far. But, I know there are more. I made enough tags to bottle and tag them as I find them.
"A handful of sand is an anthology of the universe"
David McCord 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Finally the hanging begins- updates

This is over the laundry folding alcove area
-the broom is just in case I have to take off in a hurry-
 Getting around to finishing and hanging some of the up-cycle windows. They gave me quite a bit of grief when I was trying to clean the glass. I used a milk paint and wax finish on the wood. For over an hour it just seemed like I was smearing the wax around and around.
This is on the largest kitchen wall its about 54" x 36" so it is huge
I plan on filling the wall in with more antique cases and bits
spare room
I tried every home and purchased cleaner I could think of. Finally I got out the ammonia and presto!! cleaned like a demon!!
I worked on the raw windows and replaced glass last summer. For now they are sparsely filled. But eventually will house some paper bits and photos I am sure. I tend to want to look at the piece to get a feel for what else it needs.
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Monday, February 2, 2015

Playhouse with 'The Avenues'

Finally got around to filling the playhouse with some of the teapots that have been in boxes for a lot of years.


 Windows and prepping bits

Friday, January 30, 2015

Its been a while.....TGIF

I've been painting the kitchen and hallways. I am a do it myself kind of renovator. Mostly because I save oodles of my DH hard earned $$$$'s doing it myself.
 I am not done everything. Its been a three week uphill journey of trying to fit it in around all the other things I have to do. The original color was yellow. You can see a glimpse of it in the doorway. I loved the sunny feel of the kitchen, but that was 11 or more years ago. So, I washed walls, filled holes, sanded, primed and painted.
Early on I had this major set back.
I was moving a table away from the wall. It held the antique adding machine. The legs on the circa 1920's table it was sitting on collapsed. Felt like it happened in slow motion. A millisecond before it happened the though that it might fall flickered through my mind.....
It could have been worse. Snarled one corner of the lid. It didn't go through the patio window or smash the tiled floor. It seemed to be cushioned by the wooden legs, that folded under it. I could make a TV special.....I'd call it 'This Old House of Horror's' I just quit that day and didn't do any more. I have since put humpty dumpty adding machine and tables back together. Two days after I discovered a huge bruise on my knee. I guess it hit me first, it all happened so fast, that machine probably weighs over 150lbs.
It is still on the floor just behind the table. I don't think I can lift it up without loosing my uterus. Besides, I currently have no place to put it even if I could get it up. 
Another view of the side wall, its hard to see the color. I left the big entry, won't tackle that till this summer I think.
Eventually I will replace this marble backsplash, but am taking a break for a bit.
This will be the highlight tile, I will use whites and subtle grey for the main area and run a 2" strip of the colored through the center.

And lets not talk about the fact that right in the middle of this process, I drug
{with the help of my DD} in a new bed. But, that meant having to put the old king size bed temporarily in the kitchen. It has to go downstairs,
 but is heavy and unwieldy,
 and, I am tired.
Thank you for ignoring the piles on the table and how everything is still shoved to the center of the room. Maybe tomorrow I will get it put away.
  Still have to get all the cookbooks ornaments and bits back on the shelves
I am also going to mount some of the
 antique doors and windows
I worked on last summer. I've got some quotes and maybe some scrapbook type things to mount behind the windows.
Might take a day to create something for them soon.
This door is destine for the front entry,
The plan is to mount it sideways and probably hang some photos over it. Its heavy will probably rip out part of the wall trying to mount it....
{living on the edge like that makes me feel accomplished} 
I do have a plan, but will need some muscle to help get it done.
 Love this door.