Friday, January 13, 2017

Enchanted Harvest continues

This Kit came with one pack of Bo Bunny's  Ephemera 
I like to lay them all out and see what I have. In this one there were several tiny banner parts.

I picked a word...and mounted the letters from the sticker pack to each banner part. Now this is cute, but I think I would like to beef it up.
I cut three coordinating cardstock backgrounds for the letter tiles. This will add the dimension I want for the finished project. I hand trimmed the bottom of each tile to echo the banner shape I was working with. NOTE: Ink the edges of each tile at before continuing.
Here is a banner tip that you can translate to any banner. Lay your largest tile out on a ruler, this way your spacing will be perfect. You can tell right away if the finished banner will fit your page and adjust accordingly. I like to do things assembly style, so I added the foam pop dot squares to each letter piece {also in kit}
Next I chose a piece of jute to string my banner on. I marked the center above and on top of jute, so the positioning is easy.
Paying attention to the dots, I then used a regular staple gun to attach the next layer to the bottom and through the jute.
Everything is secure, so you can go ahead and add a dollop of glue right on top of the staple. The 'PPPS"  Position-Pinch-Punch-Staple through. Then layer center cardstock, pull the backing off your letters and secure. One more post on this marvelous kit will follow. So, you can see the finished layout. HINT: Sometimes I will fiddle with the embellishments before I even start the layout. That way when I go to assemble, the pieces only need to be secured to the background.
"I anticipate getting at least 10 layouts from this one Kit{purchased HERE} with extra left for ATC's and crossover projects. I will post them as I get them done at the bottom of this post, so check back soon!"
Thank's Pinterest for keeping us warm!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Bo Bunny- Enchanted Harvest '1'

So, over the holiday's my DD gave me a gorgeous set of printed photos from a fall photo shoot a couple of years ago. {printing them is becoming rarer in our instant media age}
I used this kit Selena from Scrapendipity has assembled. Click to see this gorgeous 'Enchanted Harvest Kit'
I love a good kit, here is one small thing I do with double sided paper. I wanted a solid bottom to anchor the layout. So, using the rule of 3's I cut a piece off the bottom at 4 inches, then I flipped
It fits perfectly back together, and you can glue the UPC strip to the back join to hold it together. 

With heavily patterned paper, I will often save all the bits to fussy cut and then re assemble with glue dots and layering small bits under large to create an allusion of more layers.

'More layouts to come from this huge beautiful kit'

Friday, December 16, 2016


As we count down ......over half way there now!
  I would like to wish All of you the
very best of the season.
Love advent calendars.

This is one I made quite a while ago
This was my first ever attempt: It is actually my favourite, because it is a collection of some of my precious curiosities.
Every Item has a story, from the sentimental childhood jewelry and barrettes  to the under the piano key's treasures.
Kaiser Craft Box Advent:
See you in the New Year!
I would love to see your advent calendars. Just comment with a link and I will visit you over the holidays!
And if you have an Irish Advent....I will be right over to help you count down!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Hooking up with the talented Julia for her WOYWW
Click on the link to join in and see what women from around our globe are up to. As you can see by my deskssssss I am so busy! In a good way, all good of course!
 First up, cutting table...being taken over by the Indigo bags.
 Next where the magic happens, weeks in the sewing room......
To make the fairy sweaters. They don't look like much till someone puts them on. Did some custom orders and made a few extras for selling.

 Dusty Roses medium length skirt
Pirate with Pixie pointed skirt

Secret pocket purple and black
 Teal in a small size pixie pointed skirt


Friday, December 9, 2016

Always be a Mermaid.....

A pocket letter page!
Pocket letters are basically 9 coordinating ATC size cards tucked into a page sleeve. In the back is a getting to know you letter that you exchange with an artsy pen pal.
This is my very first try. I choose to use a canvas that I picked up at  good will. Who ever Betty Moore is thank you. She did a beautiful little beach scene. I cut it into ATC size pieces. The bottom row was kind of short, but that won't matter as I will be decorating over everything.
Graphic 45 paper is always my go to for finely detailed art work. I did a lot of fussy cutting. Some dry fitting, to see what I liked or did not like.
I added some 'Goosebumps' accents to make some areas shine.
{Like hot sauce.....I put that S__t on everything!}
made a tiny banner for over the top.
This is how it looked when I placed the cards into the sleeve. Pretty, but could use some more right?
This is a close up, by decorating under as well as over, the piece takes on a nice 3-D look with out too much bulk.
I don't do pocket page scrapbooking....but who knows maybe this is the start of a new adventure!
Thanks Pinterest for the laughs

Friday, December 2, 2016

Tree Tags

 Inspired by the upcoming season, I thought it was TREE TAG TIME
The first thing I did was pick a color pallet. I used pre-made tags to mount. But the rest is scraps and bits from the stash. And yes, that is a used, dry tea bag.
The above photo are the two starter tags. The one on the right is just covered with a piece of pre printed fabric. {Prima I think} The left is how I tore and stacked scraps along one side, then finished the exposed edge with a piece of vintage music sheeting.
I wanted to mute it a bit, so I first used a gesso white wash, then spritzed with a shimmer.
For the tree, I tore as above in layers. Then I glued just the edges together to form the base.
I folded a scrap piece of paper and free cut my basic tree outline.
Next I flipped over the base, and used my ink to outline the shape.
Next I fussy cut the edges and adhered to front of tag base.
Added the rub on words some ribbon,a rusted metal star and was done!
For the button tree, I tried to pick rows of similar size mother of pearl buttons from the stash jar. I set it up on the table first, then added the glue dots and centered them to the cloth card background. A few beads in between the buttons.
A silver top button, Dark mother of pearl for the stump, ribbons and done!
 For this last one, I used scraps from both of the above projects. More stash ribbon and DONE!
How will you decorate your tree?
Thanks to pinners and pinterest