Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Whats's On Your Workdesk?

Post #386 hosted weekly by the very gracious Julia over at her Stampin Ground.
Its been a while since I posted a peep. Thought I would link up with Julia and like minded bloggers from around the world. Click on the link to read all about it and join up.
this is the desk I have outgrown the if that isn't obvious
This is my 'Hey, Julia', I have one of those too, except mine always sits here. Its handy to where I sit....stubbed toes aside.
New space- more about that HERE
I am currently or still....moving into.....blossoming over to...TAKING OVER ANOTHER ROOM. It is taking a long time to get set up. I have the favorite desk. This is the one that has all my supplies at hand. The plan was to have a room big enough to host crops or workshops. I have the space. But I am just not quite there yet. Sigh......
These were taken this morning, it is still mostly dark outside. Even though we installed 2 long tracks of three LED lights per bar, it is still dark.
Without window coverings the room is lovely and bright. But direct sunlight will fade the things I leave on the desks. What to do, what to do?
Thanks for stopping by
Keep smiling and creating.


Sandy Leigh said...

Oh thank you so much for visiting me already--it usually takes a while for me to get visits. Now let's look at this amazing new space. You are living my dream--I've always thought it would be so fun to have like a craft shack on my property and have workshops and things. But this space looks amazing. I think you're going to have a blast getting it all arranged. Have a great week! Sandy Leigh #44

Sharon Madson said...

Wow! Your new space is amazing! What fun! #50

Lindart said...

Wow - what a big room! I know it takes a long time to move things in because you want to put everything it's permanent spot, and not just have a pile of stuff that you put away "later", right? Take your time! It will be awesome when you are done! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #49

Neet said...

Oh I am now a violent shade of green - all over! That new room of yours is amazing and will be perfect for hosting workshops and things. How I wish I had a room half that size.
Just take your time and don't rush things, you will have it perfect, spend some time researching other rooms until you find just what you want. Not that you will keep it like that, craft rooms seem to just grow and grow don't they.
Hugs & Thanks for coming to see me
Neet 2 xx

Sharon Koole said...

Your new room looks great! I would love the space for a larger table and especially space to host something but I'm happy that I at least now have my own room. It was a long time coming. I seem to have filled a lot of it already. That seems to be the way.

Have fun with your new room
Sharon K #42

~Rasz~ said...

Your new art space is amazing and wonderful! You could host classes, have weekly art groups and by the size of the room, you could actually have a place for everything and everything in it's place...possibly...I agree to take your time, make it yours, paint Fairy Rocks and Things on the walls if you want. This is yours and so special. I am really happy for you! Hugs, Rasz #56

Helen said...

what a wonderful space! I would love a table to work on (my knees are starting to protest at working on the floor!) Helen #5

Vicky Fisher said...

you'll have a nice space to craft when you're all done moving, good luck with setting up your new room, Happy WOYWW, Vicky #14

Angela Radford said...

Brilliant work place, love it. It must be great to have a big table to work on. Happy belated woyww, Angela x 20

CraftyHope said...

Oh, your new space does look quite large and inviting. I do hope you get it all sorted out so you can realize your dream of hosting crops soon! Wishing you all the best as you move forward on this!
Hope #43

Anne L said...

Hello. Oh how much fun you must be having to get a new craft room and I so love how large the room is. I am always in somewhat organizationing something to come up with a better way to hold my stash. Glad you liked how I keep my paper towel roll just a smaller tube held up with wire and hocks that fit into my slot board. More so with a new larger room to have friends come over and crop...exciting. Notice you live in Alberta and I also do but northern Alberta so I have one tiny window as my room is in the basement which years back was the girls playroom so I don't ever get much sunlight and with winter it isn't up long enough to notice which is so what I would love more lights less shadows. Thanks for visiting me earlier and have a fantastic weekend. Hugs ~Anne L#9

Twiglet said...

Wow - fab new space there! You will love settling in and getting crafty in there! Hopelessly behind with my WOYWW visits - again! x Jo

Kyla said...

ooh a room to host workshops, sounds fabulous and I am sure you will get there, it is looking great so far.

Thanks for visiting my desk already