Friday, October 28, 2016


The Witching Hour is fast approaching.
A little WICKED for Halloween
Starts with this
Here is a close up of the feathered black owl bit of fluff in the corner. I couldn't get details with the full shot.
I did some strategic fussy cutting based on where the letters sat. I traced around them making sure to note the positioning of key elements I wanted to keep. The moon's, tree branches, stuff like that. Remember you can cut and paste till you get the overall look you want.
I used black chalk paint to cover the inside edges from the back to save transfer to the pattern paper. As seen in this photo, I didn't secure the large moon and tree branches till after the paint dried.

 The fun is in the details, I cricut cut a spooky fence and secured it to the back of the letters.
Have a fun Halloween!
 Thanks Pinterest for these ideas!

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