Friday, October 21, 2016

Frame Folding Tutorial...

 or If I were a card maker...
This is a folding technique that will work with paper as well as with fabric, if you are so inclined! The sample shows two layers of framing.
 I worked on a sheet of white cardstock, to make sure I didn't get any transfer of whatever could be lurking on my desktop. If you know what I mean?
For the sake of simplicity: The center {internet generated photo}
is 3"x3" the pink cardstock is 5"x5" so exactly one inch larger all the way around than the photo. The outside frame of that finished piece also was one inch larger.
Center your photo exactly in the middle of the cardstock. Secure in place with glue.
Next using your 'bone folding tool'
 {I couldn't find mine on the afore mentioned desk....}
Fold each corner to just barely touch the corner of your photo. This will ensure a nice frame finish.
Next fold the long sides to meet your corner folds. Continue this all the way around your project.
This is the view before securing the frame down.
Honestly this took mere minutes to complete. I am sure to be using it on future fabric as well as scrapbooking project. NOTE: If you are using fabric, use an iron to crease your fold lines. You might want to add a fuseable pelon lining to keep your fabric from fraying. Or you could allow a 2" border and fold twice. The first fold will be just outside your center piece, the second would lap onto the center for a tidy finish.

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