Friday, April 22, 2016

Native Canadian Grandson

 My daughter sent me this IPhone photo when they were on an excursion to the Banff museum recently. Our Gabe, LOVES Native Canadian lore and ceremony. This winter he discovered he is part first nations. He told his mom he figured that must be true, because he was so good at snowshoeing.
I rooted through the stash, came up with a DCWV brilliant piece of paper. I wanted to keep it simple and have the headdress pop. For the headdress, I simply cut the feathers from a die, added in some real feathers, then stacked them all on a scrap of burlap. Everything here is from supplies I had just waiting for the right project. Love that kid so much!!

My mom's side is where the native heritage comes in. This is the sweet note she wrote for him when I sent her this photo.
Dearest Great grand son,
Gramma Pam sent me your picture in an Indian head dress you look so handsome.
Your nan has a picture of your Great grandfather in a whole Indian outfit along with his Peace pipe and his Indian friend who made him the complete outfit, I can see how you look like your Great grandfather 'Archie Albert Hamelin (EMBLAU) Born 13 March 1911, You can figure out how old he would have been this year.
I have a picture of myself in  a head dress of old  Buffalo Horns and my Indian friends called me 'Buffalo Woman'.
I wish we lived closer and I would take you to an 'Indian pow wow'  and to watch the fancy dancers from all different Reserves.
I can't tell you how proud I am of you because you are interested in your Indian heritage. I use to take Jasper and Dart to the pow wows on the Sunchild O'Chiese Reserve  before they were school age, Sometimes we all joined in a 'Round Dance' before going home.
I'll close for now and if there is anything that I can do to help you understand your Indian heritage just ask me.
Three years ago I went to a 'Fasting Indian naming and prayer ceremony' and they gave me a real Indian Name that means 'follows the sun' or 'walks with the day'. it is Ki sik ka pimo ta tak.
TTYL Lots of love Nan

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