Friday, April 15, 2016

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The Redwood Forest
More than a few years ago now we did a long road trip with the two youngest daughters. The Redwood Forest was such a beautiful place to visit. So quiet, majestic and it smells like cedar. The girls are young adults now.
 Love how little they were here.
I will return one day, to the forest. 
This is what I do when I want to extend my pattern paper. I decided to do this gatefold style. It literally took longer for the paint to dry and clean up than it did for me to make this
Choose a piece of cardstock the shade of the main color of your pattern paper, cut it in half to flank the main sheet. Next daub bits of corresponding color paint on your craft mat.
NOTE: I did add in black and mauve for the final strokes.
I took a small sponge, starting with the green, worked in long streaks echoing, but not trying to be too fussy, the shades that the edges will but up against.
This is fast, steaks, then daubs and highlights. Remember it will be mostly covered with your final elements anyhow. Have fun!
 The center photos flip up to reveal more pics

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