Friday, April 29, 2016

Earth Day Junk Mail

In honor of Earth Day, I decided to have some fun with the Junk Mail that fills the mail box. I studied the bits and decided to go with several windowed envelopes and looked through the rest for interesting bits of graphic and texture.
First off I made shaker boxes with the windows. ( I used an old photo cut off as well as interesting bits from the stash). I used double sided tape to outline the shape. Then stacked the inside with the graphic and sequin type shakers before adhering the window back in place.
I grabbed a bird punch and did some border work to add a bit of fun. These are for an artistic fun swap group that I belong to. 'Paper Traders'. this call was for a 3 x 5 inch card.
these are 4 x 6 glue pages, they are seasonally themed and will be bound after the swap is complete. It will take a year to get the four seasons swapped out.
That postage stamp is from 1882!!! Awesome right?
One of the current swaps calls for using our oldest materials to make glue pages. These are some of my collages. The point of a glue page is to have it very flat. No 3-D embellishments. Just tear or cut and glue down.
This is a fun way to use up the wallpaper scraps and bits that accumulate.
Other Glue Book page HERE
Thanks to Pinterest for the fun ideas



Micupoftea said...

Hi there! Sounds like you are having lots of crafty, upcycling fun! It's almost May...can you believe it? Have a great weekend :)

Joanne said...

you do have the funnest ideas... love the old photos.