Friday, December 4, 2015

Handmade Christmas tree decoration


Hand made Christmas ornaments add a certain charm to the decorated home. I used Kaiser Craft- Silver Bells for this one.
NOTE:If you have a tree die, USE IT FOR THIS. If your die is 100% symmetrical cut 5 or 6 pieces, If it is not, make sure when you cut your pieces you alternate pattern side up and pattern side down, so when you glue each side matches.
I do not have a die, so you can see above is my basic tree shape. I folded it in half and tweaked the edges with scissors.
Next I traced and cut 5 identical trees.
Then I made a crease down the center of each and glued the trees together to form one tree with many arms. Insert a 6 inch piece of ribbon for hanging before you secure the last piece. 
A bit of white glue and glitter down each limb.
A tag that hides the loop for hanging

I wrapped a piece of silver thin ribbon around the entire tree, and added a Santa figure from the Ephemera pack. There you have it, a quick easy handmade ornament.
Good luck with your Tree careful out there


tracie @ beets+birch said...

beautifully charming! handmade is my favorite.
the beat down with the tree! that's FUNNY stuff right there!

Joanne said...

very nice, and I have so much paper, don't I?? especially love the little clip at the end - christmas tree revenge!