Friday, December 11, 2015

Mail Art

Start with a blank white envelope.
 Stamp with a stamp you like using clear embossing powder 
Next take a white dauber and daub random dots
 Ink the edges and over your entire piece until you are satisfied with the color depth. I avoided the snowman, but was not overly fussy
 Take a wet baby wipe and wipe over to help blend the ink and reveal your paint dots. You can see the right side is before the wipe, then on the left, like magic the dots appear as you wipe. I used the corner of the wipe with extra water and dipped it right into the inkpad to highlight around the snowman and any writing that wasn't showing up.
Add in a touch of strategic color, carrot nose, black hat,blue scarf, brown broom and arms .
NOTE: if you are mailing it may be wise to adhere your address on a clean white paper slip and glue it over the decorated area. This will help your postman, see it at a glance.

More Mail Art / Interest.....I loved doing these ones!

Another winter scene

Some things, just aren't funny......


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tracie @ beets+birch said...

i so loved my mail from you!
the winter themed envelopes are great fun!