Friday, July 3, 2015

Make Three Wishes Fun Friday

The minute I saw these tiny bottles, I knew I had to do a Three Wishes altered book.
 I started with a fairly thick old book. 'Readers Digest' probably circa 1970's, They were great reads full of all the classics. Alas it was time to give it a new purpose.
I removed about 18th of the pages somewhere in the first 1/3 of the book. It was falling apart, but I didn't worry about that yet.

After tracing lightly around the placement for the tiny jars I used a very sharp knife to slice through many many layers to take on the shape of the jars.
Here is a close up of the finished opening. I sprayed the sides with a nice thick layer of glimmer mist and dried it with a heat gun. Then I carefully cut and placed part of an ocean photo scrap in the back of the opening. Notice, they are tiered to accommodate the bottle neck as well as the rim.

Every wish needs dandelion fluff, so that is what they are filled with.
I used white gesso to cover the text and then a color wash of more glimmer mist.
I punched the holes with a regular hole punch so I could counter sink pearls of wisdom to go with the wishes along the right hand edge.
NOTE: When I secured the pages together around the openings, I only did small daubs of glue in order  to keep the pages as flat as possible. I then clamped it shut and weighted it till it was dry.  Much of this process will have to allow for overnight clamping and drying
To decorate the cover as well as inside pages I used, black gesso on the stamps. These are all from Finnabair, through Prima.
Anna is an amazingly talented lady. I worked with her in the early years for a site called 'Bad Girls Kits' It was clear from the beginning she was a rare natural to the altered art world. She was also very gracious and encouraging with her comments and projects. What I  would give to take a class from her!
So, I stamped dried, then  sprayed generously with different sprays till I liked the color mix.
This is the front cover before spray
 Here is the open view of both covers and spine
Inside view of finished pages. I secured the bottles with a small clear glue dot. Added a title and a small frame with a pop of color.

All supplies from Scrapendipity's
 Little Green Truck.

Thanks for this wish Pinterest

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Jessi Fogan said...

What a totally magical altered book! The dandelion fluff, I just love it. And as for that wish....tooooootally :)