Friday, July 10, 2015

Marion Smith Clipboard

Clipboard Fun
I used a 6x6 Marion Smith Timepiece pad
Frugal bits: build from the outside in
This is just one sheet cut up and strategically
placed to cover the edges
The file opens up and is actually a pocket
behind the advertisement.
Several smaller adds cut up punched
wit a hole threaded with burlap string
clipped on with a binder clip.
In case  you are wondering, I do use this to hold
an index card when I am creating and want to
keep track of the supplies or method I use.
After I can just glue it to the back of the
piece for submissions or just for future reference.
Fun Pinterest stuff


Jo Murray said...

Clever you...such wonderful 'bits'.

Jessi Fogan said...

The frugal bits! Me too I like to do that, more work but then you get to keep your supplies longer :) What a fun little collection of ephemera!