Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Prima Canvas book tutorial

I started with the Donna Downey Prima Canvas and clear inset pages album. It has 5 double sided stitched canvas pages as well as 5 clear protective pages. They each have two heavy duty grommets and are stitched along the edges. It comes with the spine ribbon, but could easily accommodate binder rings.
Open and separate your album. Working on a craft mat 

gesso the outside cover I tend t use long interrupted not to wishy washy patterned. 
 On the inside pages I dug out the templates
 Its okay if the image is just an illusion, at this point I was only building a background
Next add a dab of water soluble ink over your gesso. Spritz with water to aid in getting it to flow. Brush over and around previous gesso area. 
Ink the outside and inside edges of the album

the great part about painting over gesso is you can use a baby wipe or damp cloth to remove or lighten painted areas. Allow to dry overnight.
Finished cover and spine
I might add a Title to the spine
 Here are the page by page. To read the journal in full you can find it HERE. It has taken me quite a long time to scrapbook this story.
If you read it you will know why.

Check your upstairs windows if you have small children. They should have a small latch you can pop up to stop the window from opening big enough for a child to fall out of. Stay safe this Long Weekend and yield to the urgency of someone you don't know.

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