Friday, May 8, 2015

Meanwhile ......

Back at the Pond
There they are in early spring, the air is fresh, lots to eat out for a waddle together
 The first glimpses
 of the little quackers
 I could see there were many more but,
 Didn't dare get out of the car, the Gander was getting ready to attack
While the Goose hustled them back to the pond
 These just floored me
 I counted up to 22
 But I am certain there were more in the
dip of the ditch
I scrapbooked the height of this little duck walk
 family when they were in full numbers.
Time goes on....they continue to walk them, but their numbers have dwindled drastically. Several times I had to stop for the ever
decreasing brood to cross the road.
Or as I prefer to call this "Bad Duck Parenting"

This was the last I saw of them 4 left.
The soon to be 'empty nesters' 
Well they did have their beaks full at the start!!

Sharing notes on the scrapbooked
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Cindy C. said...

Hi Pam, Happy Mother's Day weekend to you!!

I enjoyed the photos you posted today. It is a rare chance for me to see them in the cities especially a big family like that.

tracie @ beets+birch said...

wow that was a gaggle of geese! the babies haven't hatched here yet although i'm sure they must be getting close.

we have a lot of swans. do you get swans at your house too?