Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sand Collection

"In every outthrust headland,
in every curving beach,
in every grain of sand
there is the story of the earth...."
                 Rachel Carson
 Finally tagged all the 'fairy dust' that I have
collected from wherever I go
Thank you Steve for all those times you pulled over so I could dash out into the hillside and collect a sample.
They reside in the 'sand and sea' spare room. It was formerly my happy place. But, I outgrew the space and turned it back into a bedroom. I may move my sewing stuff back to this room. I love the colors and the aura of it.
The people who love me also bring
me sand from their travels.
 This is actually Ash from Mt St Helen's
when it erupted in 1980
 My uncle was living in BC at the time and collected it off of a surface where it had settled. This tells me the collecting thing is probably a familial gene
 I found it in the old pack shed last year. They were going to push it in. I consider this to be one of the finer bits in the collection. It numbers over 35 jars so far. But, I know there are more. I made enough tags to bottle and tag them as I find them.
"A handful of sand is an anthology of the universe"
David McCord 


tracie @ beets+birch said...

that's quite a collection!
i do that too! sand, rocks. i press flower heads. i bring home acorns, pine cones and leaves.
i'm like a magpie making a nest.

Cindy C. said...

Interesting collection Pam!!

Jessi Fogan said...

How fantastically awesome! I love the idea of the collection and those tags rock :)