Sunday, February 8, 2015

Finally the hanging begins- updates

This is over the laundry folding alcove area
-the broom is just in case I have to take off in a hurry-
 Getting around to finishing and hanging some of the up-cycle windows. They gave me quite a bit of grief when I was trying to clean the glass. I used a milk paint and wax finish on the wood. For over an hour it just seemed like I was smearing the wax around and around.
This is on the largest kitchen wall its about 54" x 36" so it is huge
I plan on filling the wall in with more antique cases and bits
spare room
I tried every home and purchased cleaner I could think of. Finally I got out the ammonia and presto!! cleaned like a demon!!
I worked on the raw windows and replaced glass last summer. For now they are sparsely filled. But eventually will house some paper bits and photos I am sure. I tend to want to look at the piece to get a feel for what else it needs.
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Cindy C. said...

Wow a job well done Pam, I must say you're really handy! I couldn't do this if my life depends on it!! LOL

I am sure these window panes would be filled with your arts and items that bring you joy!!

Jessi Fogan said...

These are turning out gorgeous! I love that you're waiting to see what else they need :)