Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines

Dear Romeo
Here we are last summer heading to one of your nieces weddings. Today we are probably not together physically, we seldom are on Valentines Day. 
Certainly you are always on my mind.
Twenty six years coming up soon
9490 plus a few leap year days 
227760 hours
13665600 minutes
819936000 seconds
I have loved you looooooong time now.
 Look how far we've come. We started with just the idea that we could build a life.
 Two fully grown daughters with five gorgeous grandchildren.
 Two younger daughters very much on their way to making their own life.
 Well done I would say.
 You listened to my dreams and answered the things closest to my heart.
Happy Valentines day dear 
today tomorrow and always.
Rhiannon say's to tell you:
"Thanks for not breaking my heart, Ever!
I love you Daddy"  
Santanna Say's to tell you:
"Dad has got me something for Valentine's Day Every year, Even When I was being a little shit. He's loved me more than any boy has ever loved me, and I appreciate everything he's done for us!
 I Love you Daddy!
Those girls of yours are right.
 You are a Hero , and they know it.
Love you Best, Juliette


Jessi Fogan said...

Happy happy Valentine's Day, what a beautiful love story you two share :)

tracie @ beets+birch said...

what a beautiful couple you two are and what a beautiful family!
i hope you had a wonderful valentine's day!
we are super romantic in our house too!
it's the good stuff for life and we make no apologies for loving valentine's! we sing that shit out!

Joanne said...

Aw, you are making me get all weepy here! What a lovely (and true) message to your Romeo....