Friday, January 30, 2015

Its been a while.....TGIF

I've been painting the kitchen and hallways. I am a do it myself kind of renovator. Mostly because I save oodles of my DH hard earned $$$$'s doing it myself.
 I am not done everything. Its been a three week uphill journey of trying to fit it in around all the other things I have to do. The original color was yellow. You can see a glimpse of it in the doorway. I loved the sunny feel of the kitchen, but that was 11 or more years ago. So, I washed walls, filled holes, sanded, primed and painted.
Early on I had this major set back.
I was moving a table away from the wall. It held the antique adding machine. The legs on the circa 1920's table it was sitting on collapsed. Felt like it happened in slow motion. A millisecond before it happened the though that it might fall flickered through my mind.....
It could have been worse. Snarled one corner of the lid. It didn't go through the patio window or smash the tiled floor. It seemed to be cushioned by the wooden legs, that folded under it. I could make a TV special.....I'd call it 'This Old House of Horror's' I just quit that day and didn't do any more. I have since put humpty dumpty adding machine and tables back together. Two days after I discovered a huge bruise on my knee. I guess it hit me first, it all happened so fast, that machine probably weighs over 150lbs.
It is still on the floor just behind the table. I don't think I can lift it up without loosing my uterus. Besides, I currently have no place to put it even if I could get it up. 
Another view of the side wall, its hard to see the color. I left the big entry, won't tackle that till this summer I think.
Eventually I will replace this marble backsplash, but am taking a break for a bit.
This will be the highlight tile, I will use whites and subtle grey for the main area and run a 2" strip of the colored through the center.

And lets not talk about the fact that right in the middle of this process, I drug
{with the help of my DD} in a new bed. But, that meant having to put the old king size bed temporarily in the kitchen. It has to go downstairs,
 but is heavy and unwieldy,
 and, I am tired.
Thank you for ignoring the piles on the table and how everything is still shoved to the center of the room. Maybe tomorrow I will get it put away.
  Still have to get all the cookbooks ornaments and bits back on the shelves
I am also going to mount some of the
 antique doors and windows
I worked on last summer. I've got some quotes and maybe some scrapbook type things to mount behind the windows.
Might take a day to create something for them soon.
This door is destine for the front entry,
The plan is to mount it sideways and probably hang some photos over it. Its heavy will probably rip out part of the wall trying to mount it....
{living on the edge like that makes me feel accomplished} 
I do have a plan, but will need some muscle to help get it done.
 Love this door.


tracie @ beets+birch said...

that's some heavy duty work lady!
i can't stand the chaos of renovating although i love a project i have to take some time between these things to forget how annoying the mess will be during the transition.

those old cash registers are built like tanks!

still in renovation at my house so i feel for you! :)

Jessi Fogan said...

I'm going to have to remember 'losing my uterus' - lol! I laughed right out loud. What a fab HUGE project to tackle!

Lynn said...

Oh my goodness I hope you are ok after that disaster!! Girl you are my idol of do it yourselvers!!! I love to get down and dirty with home renovations too!! You are tackling a big project and I can't wait to see all the finished photos!! Keep on Keeping on!!!