Monday, November 11, 2013

Home Made Ornament time

There's a blanket of snow on the ground, Christmas will be here before we know it. It's time to make a few simple ornaments. This is something you can easily do with children. If you don't have enough craft mats to go around, just cover your working surface with a sheet of sturdy plastic before you start. This is a fun way to spend a snowed in afternoon.

First assemble your materials: from the list at the bottom of this post
This is the spread out of the ephemera package I nabbed from the store. It was just full of  different sheets of ephemera paper to play with. Take a quick look and decide if there are any words or pictures that you would like to see highlighted on your ornament. Tear them out and put aside. Then tear your papers into narrow strips.
You can see I tore "Serenade" and "Romance" from my sheets. Every ephemera package is different so you will truly be making unique ornaments.
 I poured a touch of glitter right into the Mod Podge before I started gluing the strips to the balls. Don't forget to push a malleable wire into the top of your project for hanging later. Lay your strips from top to bottom, overlapping strategically to cover your entire piece. Add the accent bits and ornamental embellishments last. You can even let it dry completely between coats and add more. I did 2 full coats before adding the bling bits.

If your ephemera sheet is big enough, you can even just crumple it around your base and 'mod podge' to stick it down.
Yes, I do use my ink stand for a drying rack!!
 How's that for reusing what you have ?
A scrap of ribbon and there you here it is !

Make a set for your tree this year!

Supply List:
Craft Mat as well as plastic drop sheet
Styrofoam balls
Disposable foam brush
Mod Podge
Mixed Media Collage Package
TH Vintage Glitter
Small embellishment Christmas theme for trim
Ribbon for decorating
Ranger Ink Pad Holder
K & Company Christmas theme embellishments from the stash


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Jessi Fogan said...

That rack is PERFECT for drying things! Sometimes you need a way to dry without having it rest on something. Super clever. Love the ornament idea too :) I've missed coming to visit - catching up super slowly here!