Sunday, November 10, 2013

When Life Gives You Grape Syrup

 Instead of Jelly.....
'There I Nailed It!!'
Story starts with about a pound of concord grapes. Being a jelly lover, I decided to cook them down and make some jelly. I used pectin and followed the recipe exactly.  As you can see by the canning jar, it is more like syrup instead of jelly. My DH loves that is didn't turn out. Obviously he's not a jelly lover !
I had enough juice for two batches. But, having failed the first attempt. I decided to use the remaining juice as a dye for some lace. I will leave it soak all day.
I am sure it will be a terrific shade of pink when it is done. And it will smell nice too. LOL
This is what the finished items dried like.  They were all formerly white from the  left, doily, lace trim from a pillowcase, coffee filters, stamping mini's 



Dawn said...

Lol - It will make a beautiful die for sure. I would add corn starch to thicken it and eat it with pancakes :) I bet it tastes delicious regardless.

Halle said...

When I was a kid mom and I tried to make jelly just like you and failed just like you. Syrup. I tie-dyed a t-shirt with our remaining juice. I guess I was crafty even back then. :)

Jessi Fogan said...

Talk about making the best of it - I LOVE the colours you got from dyeing! That's awesome. Also, I suck at making anything jelly/jam related. Oh well. I have other skills :)