Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Secret Recipe...

I will be scanning and copying the old Family Recipe's 
and family favorites into this hanging file recipe book. 

Have you seen this Country Kitchen paper line by Farmhouse? It was the paper I didn't know I was waiting for till I saw it. It was love at first glance. For a long time now I have been wanting to make a recipe book. This was the boost I needed to get it ready for all my favorite recipes.
I wanted a way to hang my book, so I chose to mount all the pages
to a 6"x 8" clipboard, I grabbed from the dollar store. 

I lay the pages out in a way that pleased me. In order to have the recipe's protected I layered pieces from a disassembled plastic photo album between the layers. It is all stuck down with strips of double sided tape.  Start at the bottom and work to the top, 1/2 inch space increments work well. layer, paper, plastic sleeves and then paper again. . Then add tabs and titles. Next decorate your cover pages.
There are an ample amount of letters in the sticker sheets to do several labels. Because it will get lots of use, it works really good to mount your sticker letters to a double sided tape strip, then center over the tabs.

These are the page by page in no particular order

 This is for the 'Secret' family recipes, as well as a few stories of success and failure in the kitchen. I come from a long line of Italian cooks. We love to get together and FEAST. Spice is a necessary ingredient...that's all I can tell you without giving away the -secrets-

Last page with pocket made from the packaging

bottom side view when you flip everything up
Hints to recreate. I use the packaging that all the supplies come in to fussy cut the small bits, as well as the chipboard pocket for the last page. This project came together very quickly once I set the order out. I chose not to ink anything because I wanted a clean look. This would make a great Wedding or Shower gift. 
Fill it with recipes from every member of the family,and some fun stories too.

Farmhouse Country Kitchen Paper Line
embellishments, chipboard, stickers, 6x6 paper pad
Recipe Cards
Dollar store 6" clipboard or ready made square pocket album
Double sided Tape
NOTE: When I ordered the paper, the embellishments were not all available. I will be adding in the metal elements and ribbon later as soon as I get my mitts on them
There is room for a few family stories and pictures too. I have four daughters, I may just make one for each of them.


Anonymous said...

very good idea dear. i'm sure they will love it.

love romeo

Carole said...

Hi Pam, I did something similar a few years back. My files contained all the recipes my MIL had passed down to me, most were hand written on pieces of paper. I thought they were a wonderful keepsake and decided to capture each recipe with a photo. I made one for each of our children for Christmas that year and they loved it. Have a wonderful week-end Pam.

Linda Pekrul said...

What a great idea Pam! I love how it turned out.

Halle said...

Awesome idea. Looks great already!!