Tuesday, July 30, 2013


By now you have noticed how much I love the beach and anything related to summer. This is an up cycle of an inexpensive frame. {happy thrift store find} But, it is not about the frame, it is about the foil transfer product. It is so easy and  effective for adding a little extra to your framed wall art.
Start with an old frame. Clean and dry it if it has been hanging somewhere. {use a degeaser product} Take out all the glass parts {clean these as well and set aside}
Here it is quite a dull white and full of stock photos

Apply your paints to the frame as per the instructions on the jars. I used a crackle overcoat. NOTE: you may need to have an overnight drying time on some of the layers. The silver really gave it an old barn wood feel.
You can use any crackle medium or paints that will stick to wood. If you are unsure of the integrity of the paints, just apply a coat of spray sealer from your hardware store when you are finished.
Smooth on a little color highlight with the Splash of Color Paints they come in an amazing variety of color to suit any project. Now the base is done. On to the embellishments.

In this sample I will show you how to use the foil on tags. The method for the glass is exactly the same.
Assemble your tags, choose the image from the package and trim around it
Cut a piece of foil about the same size as your tag.
Peel the opaque backing and place image sticky side down in the center of the tag. Use a good quality glue stick to dust around the tag edges. Remove the protective top from the starfish image.
 Smooth the foil onto the sticky image. NOTE: you must have the color foil pretty side up, see below. Smooth firmly and then carefully peel

Trim around the mirror image of the used foil. Glue to the center of your next tag. Take your glue stick and dust the edges again. Mix the foil colors by smoothing small areas and pulling, switch colors to mix and match. Now you will have two complimentary tags to work with.
This is the finished frame, I also used the same method to embellish the glass and  around the frame with bits of foil.  I really am going to have to paint a wall sand color to house all the turquoise and ocean theme projects I have done.

Suggested Supplies:
Viva Decor Base Coat - Crackle Silver - Paint
'Splash of Color' Paints - Paper - Ocean Sparkle Foil Kit
Something to alter, you could even foil some glasses for a summer party,{avoid the mouth areas}
Try the Butterfly Foil Kit as well

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