Thursday, August 1, 2013

Book It...

 Loved the page of old book cover graphics
I clipped them to dry on my ink carousel
who knew?

Poe outside cover

Opens up to reveal some things I am plotting. Often I will do a test piece in small, just to see how I like it. I want to do this in a bigger format, either a canvas or a large journal page. 
 Back cover looked lonely, so I decorated it too
This one is 100% digital
 photos are from my own gardens this year. Love those  corral poppies.
NOTE: I will print this out in a smaller form and use it as part of a journal page. I will add real inks and paints around it to blend it into the new background.


Halle said...

Love the tiny books!!

Lisette Baker said...

Love what you have done with these images. Inspired me to try making some matchbox covers. Thanks for the inspiration my Gecko Sister x

suziqu's thread works said...

Wow Pam these little books are so very gorgeous!
Beautiful work girl!
Thanks for your lovely visit and comment!