Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Melt Art

Some times don't you just want to mix it all up a bit and see what happens?
 That is what this technique is all about.  Seeing what else I could do with the things I have.
Perhaps in an unconventional way.

Start with a rubber tread of your choice, and a piece of thick clear plastic, cut to size.
In the photos, I have left the protective covering on the side I was not working on.
To recreate, use the tread like a stamp. I took the crackle base coat and gently 'inked' the 
tread with it. Then carefully stamped the mylar piece. Let this dry thoroughly.
After it is dry, take your inca gold in a color that suits you, spread it
on top of the glued areas. Rub off as much as you want with a damp cloth.
I was wanting to have a distress appearance, so the rough look added an aged
patina that appeals to me. {"note this does not work the same way 
with the crackle paints - they just rub off"} that is the beauty of just fooling
around. you find out what will or won't work.
Once you have removed as much as is desirable to your overall look.
Make sure you piece is dry. Then use your splat mat to pool alcohol ink blending solution
as well as pitch black alcohol ink and daub it right on top of your entire piece. Don't panic
if it looks very black, you are working on the back side. Flip the plastic
over, remove the protective blue and you will have an interesting piece to 
use in your altered art or a window for a shadow box or card.

Now a small sample of more traditional tread work
The black winged butterflies on the left were made by dusting the 
rubber tread with perfect pearls, then poured with black melt art uttee.
The tread print on the right was made by using a glass bead medium
and allowing it to dry before carefully removing it from the tread.

Suggested Supplies:
Craft Mat
Ranger Melting Pot Texture Tread- Winged Mosaic
Plastic sheet
Viva Decor Inka Gold Metallic
Viva Crackle Base Coat
Alcohol Ink Pitch Black
Alcohol Blending solution
Ink Applicator
Felt applicator replacement pads
Perfect pearls powder
Utee melting supplies

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