Friday, June 28, 2013

Playhouse Update

Deb this is for you ! Thanks for asking and looking..
There was a beauty in the old shingles. 
They speak of a spring
 long  ago and glorious summer days 
filled with sunshine and childhood
 They tell a story of a forgotten time. 

The moss that clings to the valley, ravaged by
the seasons, Shingles still there, 
somehow just an echo a memory of long ago...

they had to come off , the wood under them was in remarkably good shape.
 You can see the tin from
the old chimney. I will not be putting a working stove 
back in....just too dangerous. I will keep the tin over the new shingles for interest. It was full of lead from when my brothers decided to shoot it up..
such an insult.
Here are the heaps of old cedar...
I am dreaming up something to
do with the ones that are still sturdy.
 I have made it a contest for the kids. 
A prize for the child can guess what I am making.
 The idea took shape before I ever stripped the roof.
Can you see what I saw?
There it is in very early spring...naked...waiting
For the shingles to arrive...and here they are.
I didn't buy the best grade, so there was a lot of cull.
 I like to think the variety adds character back in. I think it would be an insult to this old building to add something too gaudy and new. A little before and after....This has been a long time coming.
The house isn't all that big, but that is one  of several very steep angles

I do have a photo of the completed...but seem to have electronically misplaced it....ahem....will add in later, when I find it in its carefully catalogued file....
Remember, comment and leave me a way to get in touch with you...the RAK is coming soon.

3.} CLEAN UP AROUND...slightly tidied, hundreds of old nails to deal with
4.} INSTALL END WINDOWS...not yet, need help
5.} PAINT ATTIC....started on this yesterday, hoping to finish today, this involves
      fighting off black jacket wasps the size of footballs, 
      and stingers like hypodermic needles....and the spruce beetles 
      have hatched....not to mention spiders and June bugs...
6.} GROUT BROKEN CHINA WORK....Rhiannon did half of this yesterday. Thanks Rhi
7.} LANDSCAPE.....started
9.}  FIND THINGS FOR THE PARTY some things amassed in anticipation


Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Oh! How wonderful! I really love our little house and the project will be well worth it. (Despite wasps, bugs and spiders ...) And splinters probably!
Minerva ~

Anonymous said...

it's been a lot of work but it's really startint to look good my dear.

love romeo

Rita Barakat said...

This is so neat! What a great project, it is looking good!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Ohh my, this is looking phenomenal!! What a joy it will be to have it completed and back in use by a new generation, making new memories to sit alongside ones laid down a, 'few' years ago. I look forward to seeing the 'completed' picture too :0)

Jorgelina said...

Great projet!
I love little houses in the garden.

Jessi Fogan said...

GAH! Stingers :( I LOVE how it's looking, and how the new shingles aren't TOO new looking! My first thought for the old shingles was a bird house. It's very early in the morning, though. I'm going to keep thinking about it!