Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Table for My Happy Place

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I fixed this table up quite some time ago. It started out in pieces.
I literally pulled it out of the wood scraps pile of our local transfer station. I had to make two trips to get all the pieces. I realized as soon as I got home I had missed one of the leaves. {The site is only open two times a week. So I had to wait an entire week to be able to go back and dig.} Not to worry, I took my teenage daughter with me. She is more spry after all.  The entire table was in 4 different pieces. The legs were still kind of attached to to the apron part.  I can tell by the construction it is a very old primitive table. The leaves are held open with a piece of wood that slides through a slot in the bottom to support them.
The red was weathered to perfection, but not what I wanted for my space. After cleaning it thoroughly with the car wash wand and water. I gave it all a light sand and removed some of the many many extra nails that were holding it together. Next I quickly coated every piece with a solid undercoat of white latex. I then reassembled it to the best of my ability. It doesn't sit perfectly, but, I think it adds to the overall charm..
This is what it looked like when I drug it into the house
I added some distress type painting with the colors of my room. Primarily blue and yellow. I put one of my favorite quotes on the front leaf, decoupaged some butterfly's and whimsical designs.

This is what I woke up to this morning.... I am dreaming of summer projects
Over a foot of fresh snow and still falling


2amscrapper said...

Surely spring will come soon to your neck of the woods--in the meantime, you have a lovely table to sit by.

Anonymous said...

it's the perfect table for your happy place my dear.

love romeo

Micupoftea~ said...

This is fantastic! You've brought it back to that you added a quote :)