Tuesday, April 9, 2013

'SHE' has a friend

Sometimes I am just playing around with new things I have. 
I scooped this stamp the minute I saw it in the store
There were so many ideas running through my mind the 
moment I lay eyes on it. Finally I decided to show you
 a little fun experimental fooling around. 

Start with your stamp. Stamp on any scrap of paper
at least 2 times. My objective is to use the existing stamp
 image as a template. You can change hair, face, or clothes
 this way. Use small pattern paper for small areas.
NOTE: you could also just stamp on the back of your
 chosen scraps, cut, then mix and match. You will end
up with reverse imaging if you do that.
Cut out any areas you want to change. 
I literally used all scrap paper for this one.
After you cut your stamped pieces, 
glue on the face  part to the back 
of your chosen paper. 
Carefully reassemble on one
 solid stamped image. Now build around that image.
 Sketch a rough bodice and skirt for your 'she' girls
NOTE: you can see I cut the gossip hand completely 
off my image. I didn't want it for this application.
Use your favorite edge punch to decorate the lower 
edge of the skirt before you loosely accordion fold it.
 Run a line of thin double sided tape along the top edge, 
this makes it easier to shape as it  
holds your pinch pleats in place. 
One of my papers was very bulky, 
so I lightly spritzed it with water to get it to fold flat.
Have fun, cut a whimsical bodice. 
I tucked a scrap of inked doily under one skirt,
 the other girl with the book text 
pattern got an old coffee filter slip. I may or may not add
arms and legs depending on what I do with them.
These are destine for a larger she art project at a later date.
I had fun making my  'SHE' girls, you will too.

to shop for the supplies used in this sample 


Joanne said...

I love this! You know how I feel about paper dolls anyways and this just adds that to "girlfriends"! Love it!

Lynn said...

What gorgeous dolls. I love how you dressed them up. I can't wait to see them on your project!

Kim Dellow said...

Oh just wonderful. Great idea. Kim

Cathy L. Calamas said...

Great idea to stretch your stash of stamps and turned out really great.

Micupoftea~ said...

What fun...love that you can change 'em up!

Dawn said...

These are really cool!!

Denise van Deventer said...

So creative....love this! ;-)
I love stamps too and really need to try and use them more! ;-)

Rita Barakat said...

SO cool! I Love this!