Friday, April 5, 2013

And...other things I have been doing

Interactive pages, stores as one opens to a double size layout
Entered for a call out, prompt was scrapbook your pet peeve

You probably saw this note some time ago, it has been the joke of the house. I am no closer to maintaining four clean bathrooms. However, I do make someone else clean them occasionally now. This will be an important record in the future, when bathrooms clean themselves!!
Actually I was in a public bathroom that had  a plastic film that changed on the seat every time it was touchlessly flushed...hmmm I wonder......won't clear the toothpaste or laundry problem, but still worth considering LOL. We would have strangers popping by just to watch the flush...
 Another hopeful  based on a sketch call out

yeah, can you tell.... no bites....

 Thank You Annelieke  for showing me how to remove the bees-knees and other such things from the wax. PS...need more wax...get those bees working !!!
Pure Bees Wax encaustic on Small canvas
Pure Bees Wax encaustic on rigid  Book Cover
Pure Bees Wax encaustic on Old Book text
 Annelieke did some very 3-dimensional work that turned out so beautifully. {send photos of  them to me, and I will add you know who you are....} We both agreed, this is something we will do again. I would love to teach this in a class setting. We just had so much fun, and the room smelled like candy for days after.
missed the deadline for this sketch base submission

Finally got around to scrapbooking our trip to Oatman. This is such a fun place to visit in central Arizona. Well worth the scenic drive. But be warned, they look cute, but can be cranky. We did witness more than one episode of 
'Good Donkey's Gone Bad....'
click on the photo to view it larger

I had a lot of fun making this mini with Bo-Bunny pre papered book. It really didn't take that long to add the photos and journaling. This day trip was a day to be remembered.
and I bought a rock... of course,
 I don't have a photo of that yet, but there is a little gallery at the top of the street in Oatman that does the nicest things with sandstone.


Anonymous said...

very beautiful work my dear. all of it

love romeo

Jessi Fogan said...

Pam! This is incredible, all of it! Where do I even start....
*the bathroom page. OH MY GOD that's funny! And so very scrap-worthy. We've only got the one bathroom but as Management I could totally use a note like that! lol I love how the page opens up to a double- that's so clever!
*At 23 - that's lovely. Really, really beautiful. *sniffle*
*Playdate - how much fun is that? Working with wax would smell so awesome, and look how neat it is!
*Donkeys, lol. I got bitten by a parrot at the pet store last week - I imagine you'd feel the same sense of disbelief after getting nipped by a donkey! 'I got bit by a what? This is just a weird day.'
So much cool stuff :)

2amscrapper said...

You've been busy--gorgeous projects!

Rita Barakat said...

Holy cow girl! I just got done scrubbing the boys bathroom(gross) so I can totally relate! I love all the projects- I have so many ideas swirling around in my head now thanks for the inspiration!