Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fancy Pants Blissful Blizzard

Happy New Year. The first post for me this year .
 Our girls delight in the art of snowman making.
One day I came home from town to find my daughter putting the finishing touches on this one.  She made it so it looked like it was peering into the kitchen through the patio doors. What she hadn't counted on was the green food coloring running as soon as she made the mouth. The day warmed up and the green grew till it looked like Oscar the Grouch on a very bad day. Then it the temperature dropped
and it froze solid for weeks.
We got a good laugh for a long time from this one.

 The journal says:
Isn't that sweet? She is building a
'Snow Orphan'
right by the patio door...and it wants... IN !

I wanted to call it a Zombie Snow Man, but they insisted
"it was the saddest kind of snowman..."

All Supplies Purchased at Scrapbookers Paradise:
Snow - food coloring -
Left over barbecue parts - Sticks
Creative Kids



Anonymous said...

you have very creative children aren't you glad they take after me? just kidding.

love romeo

Micupoftea~ said...

Fun moments! No snow here, but I like seeing the day to day fun others have where it does snow. Funny story about the green food coloring :)