Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our Beautiful Dark Wing


The girls and I take a lot of photos every once in a while one turns out that is so compelling I just have to do something special with it. This is one Rhiannon took of herself and her Marly. It is difficult to tell, but their eyes are so piercing. This was built on top of the remains of a very large wall mirror that was broke. It just had a cardboard frame in the back. I gessoed, glued and assembled.
Isn't our Dark Wing Lovely?
This was the pre planning stage I cut Hundreds upon Hundreds of Wings from Tim Holtz wing big die. I will add more process  photos soon
They were loosley tacked together. Then I glimmer misted the heck out of them and let them dry overnight. Once they were dry I fluffed the majority. I emboss  with TH wing folder on top of some for more detail. Note the cats wings and the hair wing emboss. I also played with layers of mist till I got the right shade for the hair wings. They were each individually cut by hand after embossing.
closeup of top part large jewel glass molding paste colored with black gesso
lower half, buttons, bling, domino hand crafted feathers, altered wreath bits
There was a lot of overnight drying time on this project


2amscrapper said...

WOWERS! So dramatic! The wings are so effective! Can't wait for more details!

Anonymous said...

looks wonderful already dear

love romeo

Jessi Fogan said...

I cannot wait to hear more about how you created this, Pam! What a COOL photo (love her hair!) and I'm loving the wings & all the buttons (do I spy a domino in there?) SO NEAT!

Dawn said...

Wow! This project is stunning!! I can only imagine the hours of work that went into it, but so worth it. The colours are amazing - how ever did you achieve reds that look black and blacks that look red? Amazing! The embellishing and decorative elements are gorgeous and perfectly balanced by the photo, which is equally stunning.

Hugs, Dawn

Laura said...

oh, wow! This project just blew me away! Thanks for stopping by and commenting because I don't often get to visit every one of the blogs I follow and I am so happy to have gotten to see this. Beautiful photo AND project.

Micupoftea~ said...

This is striking, Pam! I really like the texture and dimension you've achieved. Rhiannon is so pretty and her cat is a beauty, too! Thx for stopping by my blog. :)