Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Moon

A new aspen tutorial
To see the fall creation with this template. Click HERE 
I have been wanting to make a 'Winter Moon' from
this template for a while now.
 I could cut it apart and make cards, but more than likely
it will end up as part of a layout in the near future.
I may use some stamps over
the top as well. In real life the blue is has quite a shine.
First assemble on a Craft mat, your choice of template,
 inks, white base paper, a good black outline pen,
 black gesso and a circle to represent
your moon cut from heavy card stock.
Dark blue black or graphite glimmer mist
Position the moon behind the template. Secure with
a removable adhesive. Ink in random form in several
different colors. You are working on the sky at this point.
Next step, take a dark glimmer mist or any glitter spray
that is soluble with water. Spray heavily on your piece
over everything
{Instead of wasting the over spray, I lay some
sheets from my art journal over the top.
It makes for a fun working base.}
Carefully remove the template, dry your piece
thoroughly. Wash the template, dry it and place it
over the top in the same place. Trace around all the trees
with the black pen. Next take your black Gesso
and dab it into the tree trunk gaps. Gently remove your
stencil wash immediately and allow the piece to dry overnight.
This is a closeup of the shading
To see this done in a fall  theme check this out
This method would work just as well for the snowflakes too
Just use White Gesso to highlight your flakes maybe sprinkle
 in some glitter while it is still wet

Jan 1st to 15th 2013 at Scrapbookers Parasdise
 6x6 Templates from Crafter's Workshop 
are on special


The French Bear said...

Happy New Year, may you find lots of love and blessings.......
Love the way the trees and the moon turned out, the snowflakes would be so neat done like that!
I may have to try that!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Arizona
Happy New Year

Lynn said...

Happy New Year!!!! This is just so lovely. I love your colors and thank you for sharing your tips and tricks!! Hope your New Year is filled with love and laughter!!

Dawn said...

This looks just stunning!

Wishing you a happy New Year - all the best in 2013!

Hugs, Dawn

Debi said...

very cool!!! Debi x

Roxy said...

Very cool, I would like to pin if you don't mind! Hugs, Roxy.

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