Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Heidi Swapp

Say 'hello' to the latest  Heidi Swapp collection. With these unique and innovative folders I was able to use over 33 photos so far in this file scrapbook. I am showing you the first half of this project,
 pop in next week to see the final file finished.
This is the outside of the folder, decorated with one
of my favorite photos blown up to fit and an inset
of the date - This was very fast to assemble.

This is the back of the folder before journaling
When you open the folder you see the foto flip file, this
file contains 20 photos as well as journaling.
Note: I left several photos glued on 3 sides to form
pocket so I can tuck more inside and under.
I used a simple jute twine to decorate prepunched hole.
This is how the inside looked before I attached the flip
file. I simple punched 2 tiny holes in the top slightly
wider than the file, threaded a stretchy elastic and secured
the back. {old 7 gypsies from the stash}
I wanted to show some of the magnificent greenery of the
island so most of the inside is a collage of trees.
I used TH Tissue tape {gaffers tape} to reinforce the
folding edges and fill in small spaces. I manipulated the
color with TH Distress Stains. The beauty of TH is the same stains will have a coordinating Distress ink for doing your edging as well.
This is how the flip flips open.
I really is such an incredible little
folder that holds so many photos.
I was also pretty happy to rob the stash for
tittles and interesting embellishments.
Thanks for looking come back next week
 to see the finished file
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When I saw this, I felt like she had been reading
my mind...awesome


Micupoftea~ said...

Wow, Pam, you rocked this concept! I'd heard about it but not seen how the system works. Cool beans, eh? Thnx for sharing the video. Have a great week! :)

Jessi Fogan said...

That photo file is amazing! Look how much fits in there! And I love how you did the date :) The footprints are the best part!!

Dianne said...

Love your scrapbooks and mixed media! so much loveliness...I'm having a give away on my blog if you'd like to stop by...

marvelous flip book...reminds me of that stack of photos of the grandkids that I should really attend to...

Allison said...

What a cool take on scrapping. I need to learn how to make one of these...they always look so cool!