Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Heidi Swapp II


Okay, so I finished this file folder scrapbook that I started last week
In total I used over 50 photos. That is not a typing
error. Here are some peeps and check out my remaining
supplies. I have hundreds of photos and I am now certain
I will be able to scrapbook most of them in coordinating files
open file with inset file
opened again to show flip at top and
file attached to the bottom
open view of inset file front
view from the side with file open

The spectacular remaining files
look how beautifully the paper files
and the chipboard files coordinate



Emily Keaton said...

I am in awe!! This is absolutely beautiful!!

Hannah said...

this is awesome, love it!

Rita Barakat said...

Well it looks super cool! 50 photos! wow!