Monday, January 9, 2012

Meet 'Sweet Marie'

Meet my sweet 'Kaiser' girl Maire
Initially I thought this would be the back of
the display, but after I made it , it just seemed to be the front
and this is the back
Can't you just see her as the center piece on your table
display. You could dress her for the seasons.
You could make several themed forms for special events
Click  Kaiser dress forms  to find them
For this project I used the solid dress form
I will be using the airy form with ribbons
 I hand cut the large roses out of the paper
in several layers. I spritzed them with water
to manipulate and popped them up with 3-D
glue dots to give them some dimension.
The tiny roses I cut apart the same roses
in a circular manner. Spritzed with water
to help soften the paper and then wound
them back into tiny rosettes.
I was able to get 3 from one large rose.
The little accordion folded piece is the border
off of the larger sheets of this paper

I used Wild Honey Stain to color
the form and then stamped with
a tiny newspaper stamp from my stash
It would also look great with a musical
note or script stamp

I used the Vintage Lace Die
to cut the frilly parts of the skirt
I love this new die, it is so delicate and pretty
I know I will be able to use it for many projects
I also used some of my older spell binder die
and just cut them apart to fit for the skirt bottom.
This was a fun project and is fairly fast to do.
Supplies used in this project are:
Bonjour Marie


Artfully Musing said...

I just love this. Great job!

Rita Barakat said...

Gorgeous - I love that you always think out of the box - and the back is stunning I would have used it as the front as well- sometimes it just happens that way!

Allison said...

Such an unique creation and so far out of my comfort zone that I will just admire and never attempt (ha!).

Angela Fehr said...

This is beautiful, Pam!

Holly Moore said...

Wow, your work is amazing. I love looking at all the detail you have done. Thank you for stopping by my page and taking the time to comment. My little boo slept all the way through last night and is finally feeling better. Have a happy weekend. Yours, H