Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Fairy Door !!

As the photo states, this is what you get in the class.
 This photo is the back view of the wood after I cut the window in
 How often have I dreamed
of discovering the door to
the hidden Faerie Lands?
Countless hours of daydreaming....
It is a work in progress and does take a bit of planning
 and a whole lot of scraping and gouging.
This is the outside of the piece, it will eventually have
hinges and be covered in a coat of varnish to
bring out the patina in the wood.
This is the doors opened up to see the wee Fae library
that awaits the reader of magical spells, potions
and Fairy Tales of course.
Still I am hopeful it may some day look like
the instructors piece below
Joanne, thank you so much for signing
us up for this class. I didn't even know I needed to
do this till you showed me how......
P.S. I would be remiss, if I didn't warn you to never
eat the treats they offer, if you find yourself in the land of fairy.
That is of course unless you want to stay forever in the vale...


Joanne said...

I love it!!! I don't think anyone could create a Fairy door better than you... it's beautiful already but I can't wait to see it finished and sprinkled with your own fairy dust..

I knew it was risky taking you to a class you knew nothing about but somehow I knew you would love it and create something magical.

By the way, I did find my stash of woodcarving tools and I don't need to buy anymore - what a surprise!

The Crafty Elf said...

Wow....this is so cool! Only you could pull this off!!! Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

it is really starting to look good dear

love romeo

Micupoftea~ said...

Well, this just screams Pam! I love thw whimsy~ I think I would love to make one that looked like the door to a fabulous Hobbit hole! lol

Allison said...

So different...good for you trying something new! Bravo!

Rita Barakat said...

This is amazing - I so want to create one now!!! I love it!