Friday, October 4, 2019


I am always up for a little bit of Wicked Fun! These are 3 x 5 cards for swapping in time for Halloween.
This is a Witches crystal ball stamp emboss then hand colored with copic markers. The edges were done with water on a brush then touched with a pinch of Bree Reece powder. See on the left how the image spilled over. I snipped them off then reattached so they fell within the borders. I like how it pulls it all together.
Back is stamped emboss Witch trio hand cut and colored.
 Cricut 'WICKED'cut sign, misted spider web over template.
Making the envelope a little bit more interesting.
Above the spider web is emboss and highlighted with pen and ink scuff.
Below is the front side of the emboss web as well as a stamped and emboss spider.

The 'Wicked' was made by cobbling together the cricut cut out sheet from the back of the card. Then pounced with green ink.

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