Friday, May 4, 2018

Something Borrowed....

Something Blue, but its not what you think!
A new technique to play with, 'DENDRICIT' painting.
This one was a an accidental press that is kind of amazing!
The Dendritic process is relatively simple

 Place daubs of paint on a flat firm surface, then sandwich with another flat smooth surface, press hard and steady, do not wiggle side to side.
When you pull them apart, the result is always a unique pattern from the paint.
Smash the plates together firmly, then separate. Above is the separated pieces. Each side will give you very unique print patterns.
Then you pick up the paint by pressing a piece of paper or whatever you wish to transfer onto, into the fresh paint.
This was a fun process to play around with, see my notes below about the learning curve.
1.) You absolutely have to use firm flat surfaces. {I tried it with one flat and a splatter sheet, results were smudgy, don't waste your time} Most of the tutorials, I borrowed the idea from call for glass. I used, as you can see, two flat sheets of acrylic {clean cuttlebug plates LOL, wash them immediately after you finish printing. Wet wipes work for quick clean in between color switches}
2.) The first print off was my least favourite, the second and third ones off the same ink blots were the best. {Don't use your best paper for the first off print}
3.) Press firmly, do not wiggle or allow the plates to slide. Separate carefully, they do stick together.
4.)Have your paper pre cut and ready to use, the paint does dry quickly
5.) Google some videos, this is just my fooling around attempts. There are so many masters at this process out there. Worth seeing for sure. My try with alcohol ink was a disaster. I will work on that some more. H

HAVE fun and send me a link with your attempts, I would love to see them!
Dendritic is a naturally occurring phenomenon of nature:
Thanks to my friend Marilyn from
Paper Traders Art Group for this terrific art prompt.

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Denise van Deventer said...

Wow...a super process and your a gorgeous and unexpected surprise. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks! ;-)