Friday, March 9, 2018

March Match Box

Another Matchbox for the swap!
This one is of course themed for St Patrick's Day.

The item pictured above is -Believe it or Not- a Leprechauns Sporan.

I had to keep the decorations fairly flat so I could mail it by regular letter post. Here is the story I enclosed with the 'Green' Decorated box.
I cobbled together the 'Irish True Tale using both books.  I will print the actual tale below.

'An Irish True Tale'
written by Pam Colosimo,
as told to her by Connor McSwiggins.
This little matchbox once belonged to a Leprechaun.
In it you will find:
His Sporan and Key, In true Leprechaun fashion the lock is missing. His stick pin for sticking would be pot-of-gold thieves. Green dragon tears and buttons of gold. The stamp from a fair maidens love letter and a scrap of embroidery out of her hope chest. The plaid Connor say's is from is very own kilt. Stolen from him when he fell down exhausted just at the moment he found the pot gold.
{more likely he was drunk on green beer} Things get a bit fuzzy for him at this point. He mumbles something about dead frogs and Saints. If it weren't for the tiny box I wouldn't believe this tale as told. But, I must not judge, only record. All of us after all have a wee bit of Irish in us on St. Patrick's Day.
May the wind be always at your back. P.C.

This would be fun to do for little kids, get them to decorate the box, then leave it over night and add a few coins to the opening, take the pot away. Make it appear like their was a struggle.

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