Friday, December 15, 2017

Winter Pocket Letter II

Now that I have some elements done, I have backed the cards with a sturdy card stock. Then I cut them carefully apart on the pencil lines. As you can see this immediately gives a different perspective. I can now see which cards will need some more details added in. I can do this with graphics, words, stamps, paint, really whatever I feel will suit the look I am after.
This is before I put it in the sleeve. It is okay, but not done yet.

This is the final letter, I added a 3-D 'WINTER' banner to the top, tag to the side and ribbons along the punched edge. NOTE: to send this in an envelope, I will undo the knots as they add unnecessary bulk. The recipient can tie them when she gets it. Also I will be stuffing the back with notes and goodies once I know who my swap out partner is.

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