Friday, December 8, 2017

Pocket Letter Inspiration

Where do You draw your ideas and inspiration from?
Like most Scrapbookers, I am always on the look out for a spark to launch into the next project. This 'blueprint' started with the idea, that I would scrapbook a series of photos I have snapped on my phone recently.
 I am one of those people without skills that will run to every window or deck around the house to get a photo of the moon. The full moon calls to me. I will pull over on the side of the road to try to capture its essence too. I never got them into a printer from my phone. I really did have every intention of doing a layout. However, this is what happened.
A trip to pinterest for the multiple mood board ideas.
I LOVE Pocket letters, I love the way they go together, the way they look, everything about them! The moon photo had so many layers of blue that I was searching for to launch from. This is a pocket letter beginnings post. The theme for this swap I am hosting at 'Paper Traders mail Art Group' is 'Winter'.
For the background I chose a paper placemat that suited the color pallet I needed. It doesn't matter that I am winter themed, but using a flower background. I cut it to work as a solid piece for the beginnings basically 8-1/2" x 10-1/2". You can see that I gridded it off into ATC size sections. This will help to position some of the elements before I cut them apart into individual cards.
Next I added some stamping and embossing for the background. Also gathered and made different elements that will be on the final work.
I used a crafters workshop 'aspen' template to get the tree outlines. Along with the cut off pieces from the placemat. The colors will match perfectly.  Then I fussy cut them and added inks for a more real looking treeline.
Check back next Friday to see how the end project came together!
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Thanks Pinterest and Pinners!

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Evergreen Grrrl said...

Pam C.,

I am in Paper Traders, and I just noticed your swap for January on Pocket Letters. I have seen them before, but I am finally curious enough to delve into one. I do have several questions: 1) Do they need to be in a plastic envelope, and if so, where can I buy a pack? 2) Will you be doing this swap monthly? Will we have different partners each month? 3) Do you only need to add art in each pocket, or should you send a trinket, ephemera, or goody in each pocket? 4) Does each card need to be ATC sized, or can we use tags, paint chips, etc.? 5) I know the theme is cohesive, but do all cards need to be contributing to one picture? And finally, 6) Can we include digital art as long as it is not the only medium we use?

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please email a response to me at

Many thanks,