Friday, July 14, 2017

Wings II

Continued from previous wing mini tut:
I will often use tissue or napkins in my cutters. I love the wispy whimsical look as well as the gentle texture they provide. With a napkin, if you are feeling fiddly you can separate each cut section into several more layers. Note, with the wings, try to keep the stems together if you choose to do so, otherwise you could end up with a hot mess. Not saying that happened mind you.....
I ran a standard large size paper napkin through the cutter. I was able to cut 3 times. By leaving the napkin folded, each run through gave me 4 complete sets to play with. The top photo uses 3 sets of each feather. 
In order to make a set of matching wings. You are going to want to do a little pre planning. I first cut enough so I had 8 of each feather. Because this is tissue, the emboss shows through all layers quite well. Carefully separate your napkin layers and then do mirror opposite stacks in the order you want to use them. For layering I used double sided tape and cardstock scraps. Tape, layer, tape repeat same process only mirroring each layer so you end up with left and right wings.
Build from the outside largest and work towards the center, where the smallest ones will end up.
this is the exact same set, just oriented differently for a totally unique look. I am not sure what I am going to do with all the wings. But I sure had fun making them!. So happy to have this die in my collection!
Before color above
One of the great things about using tissue is that it can be easily colored with spray. This set are oriented for a more traditional wing look!
After color below
For your viewing pleasure a flashback to 1973
From where you ask? 'Wings' album song - Jets

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