Friday, June 30, 2017

Wings I

I am wild about this feather die! Couldn't wait to play with it.
I will share some of my findings. First thing I did was cut an entire set out to see what they looked like. Using a metallic paper makes the emboss stand out. You can leave them right on the card they arrive on to cut them out. It makes the die easy to handle. The sticky notes show more or less, the order I used them in. Once you get to the smallest ones it isn't as important.
I like to use at least 3 cuts of each feather to assemble a wing. This assemblage uses the entire batch of feathers. I used two tones so you can get a sense of how I stack them.
This is the basic order. Start with the far right hand large feather and stack over moving to the smallest feather 

This breaks the set into two different wing assemblages.
 Based on how each cut curves. For these sets, I used 3 cuts of each feather
The dark is assembled from the entire set using only 2 of each feather. This is not my favourite look for a wing.
Check back next Friday for more winging it with the wing die! 
'I told you if we could fly...we would all have wings,
 but some of us don't know why'

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