Friday, June 23, 2017

Bo Bunny Media Frame Upcycle

Live Life in Color!!
Okay, so this is a very large frame do over.
 Above is how it started, not ugly, but not very personal
Each square is approximately 6x6 inches.  They are popped up about one inch from the background and have an overall wave cut to them. If you find a frame to re do, in order to give it some tooth, first sand then go 
 over the pattern with a heavy gesso.
Allowed this to dry over night.  

I dug through the photo stacks till I found a nice selection to use. They had to be small to fit in the frames sheet from this Bo Bunny paper pack. I snipped, and clipped and fussy cut till I could mount them to a frame. NOTE: Cut the lower inside edge of the frames and slip your trimmed photo up from underneath. I also played around with and re printed a few in Cyan with a brick overlay effect for the photos I wanted to appear receding.
 This is a sun hand made gem from my sweet grandchildren. I mounted it over the 'Live Life in COLOR' logo from the border of a sheet.
Here are some of the close up shots.

I may add a few more photos over time, as well as more bits and bobs from the stash. The frame below has pop up elements as well as actual key staples and fabric to mimic the paper pattern in the top left hand corner.
Thanks Pinterest and Aunty Acid!

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