Sunday, June 11, 2017

Lavendar Haze 3 Kit Blitz

Mini Book: The first thing to do is to cut up two of the tag sheets. A large one and the small one. Next arrange them in an order that you like.
Cut some coordinating ribbons and zigzag the ribbons to the ends of each card. NOTE: you can do two at once and make pockets as well. I made 6 pockets by stitching the small cards back to back. Next sew the ribbons gradually together to form a spine for your book. {You could also staple them together}

Using the small Tim Holtz stencils as a guide, I cut six tags, two from each color card stock, then six 1/2 inch smaller of the kit paper scraps.
Ink your edges before securing the pattern paper to the background tag.

I dabbed black gesso onto each stencil, then used a roller tool with a paper towel in between to transfer the pattern to the front and back of each tag.

Back view ^
Front view
I embellished each tag with a dragonfly from the sticker sheet, then added a ribbon through the holes.
This is the finished top view. I will be adding photos, sentiments and personalizing it as a graduation gift for my Grand Daughter!

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