Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lavendar Haze 2

Its a trinket catch-all box
We don't actually eat a lot of this cheese, but, I have been hanging onto these sturdy little boxes for forever! They were the perfect base for this project.
Open view
After looking over the kit papers, I chose to cut a 1" border for each of the 6 boxes. I glued as well as stapled the borders to each box. NOTE: they will not cover the entire perimeter, but I glued the uncovered portion to the paper background, so you cannot see it. This will also allow for a good adhesion.
I picked a background piece and played around with the box placement. I penciled a thin registration line for each layer.
I used double sided tape for the magnets and secured them to a piece of sewers waist band tape. I ran the tape the full length of the webbing, allowing for an overlap piece. I also decorated the flap end with a piece of ribbon, then sandwiched the bottom flap in the lower folded edge of the background paper.
 This made it very sturdy, you could also use a piece of pliable chipboard or other such cardboard.

Using one of the lids, I simply created a circle temple slightly larger than the actual lid. Cut the edges at 1/4 inch intervals so it would shape over the lip. I stapled a reinforcement piece of webbing to the outside edge, then added double sided tape and covered the rim with ribbons from the kit.

 More to come soon, this is a HUGE paper kit!

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